Scenes from Saturday + Camping Redux

As we prepare to make the transition this week from school to summer, we started talking about a specific superpower. There’s definitely been an uptick in sister-on-sister violence in the last few weeks. I think they are feeling the strain of all the togetherness, but unfortunately we still have a long camp-less summer to go. Everyone is spending unprecedented amounts of time with people whom we may love but still have the ability to make us upset.

But wait? Can they actually make us upset? What if we all had a superpower to stop it?

They can try. They can provoke you, intended or not. But whatever the other person did is on them. Whatever your reaction is, that’s on you. No one can make you angry, only you have that power. Someone can certainly say something offensive or stupid or mean, but no one can make you upset. That’s your choice.

For a more peaceful summer, don’t give away your power over yourself. You can’t blame your sister if that happens.

Ally’s been waking up the last few nights with night terrors over “the gusty wind.” We had no idea what she was talking about the first night and chalked it up to her general love of drama. But the sinister wind returned Friday night and we finally figured out she was being woken up by the air conditioner turning on. That would not be a problem last night as more family camping was on the agenda. Perhaps a different mighty wind would be a problem after the baked beans but not the A/C.

The girls started the day on the couch doing some online shopping for new bathing suits. They had a lot of opinions on Michelle’s fashion choices.

The diner was open for pancakes. Cecilia is getting very good at caramelizing the banana slices. And cleaning up. I like my banana pancakes but I really like a clean kitchen.

Michelle and I both snuck out for a run. Much more comfortable than the last few days. Plus, the end of a run always feels better when you have your puppy waiting to greet you.

We made them do a forced march to get them out of their zombie screen state. Allison always insists she can wear flip flops on these walks and inevitably trips before we reach the end of the street. She will vehemently defend herself but you only have to look at the bruises on her legs to know I’m right.

Michelle decided that grouting and recaulking the bathroom could wait, so no large scale home maintenance projects this week though there was a follow-up trip to Wal-Mart to find a sleeping bag large enough for me. I agreed I’d sleep in the tent but not in a Frozen-themed sleeping bag that came up to my thighs.

Plus, a new bike helmet for Ally. If you remember the chipped tooth incident, that also chipped the helmet. Bikes are still sold out.

How many neighborhood kids does it take to put up a tent? Somehow the second time around was more stressful but eventually they raised the tent.

Maybe it’s the oncoming maturity of sixth grade or maybe all my ramblings about asking questions or asking for help have finally matriculated to her brain but Cecilia calmly requested Michelle’s assistance on a piece today. I think I heard angels singing….

We are slowly and cautiously venturing out more and that includes the local pool. I still have the most trepidation but it turns out the new pool usage rules are an introvert’s dream. Sign up for a block of time, sit by yourself, keep away from others, bring a good book. The last one is mine but so far the pool has worked out better than I expected.

After the pool, it was time to set up camp. This time with the full complement of Dad and Dash also in the tent. We also increased the degree of difficulty by deciding to cook dinner over the fire, too.

This did not mean we still didn’t get dinner and a show. The cul-de-sac was their kitchen dance stage.

S’mores and red wine and a well-inflated air mattress. Not a terrible way to get through another Saturday night in quarantine.