Scenes from Saturday + Camping Hangover

Just about a month left of homeschooling. Hooray! Maybe? I’m starting to worry about the summer. There are certainly a lot of challenges to remote learning but it has provided a structure to the weekdays. Yes, it’s sometimes chaotic and stressful, but it has given a definitive shape to our days where we can count on at least four or five hours to tag-team our day jobs.

How will we handle the transition from teachers to camp counselors? Camp Cul-de-Sac may not hold their attention for more than a week. Zoom canoeing seems…terrible. What then? There are only so many times I can sell washing the cars in their bathing suits as a fun activity.

I think we are going to seriously test the theory that curiosity and imagination blossom from boredom. I’m thinking one part free-range parenting, one part planned activity, one part Netflix, 6 parts grapefruit shandy (for me, not the kids). If they aren’t bleeding, it’s all good.

What are the rest of you thinking?

We started Saturday in the tent. Okay, that is more the royal use of ‘We.’ I slept inside but Michelle earned more Mom power points by sleeping with the girls out in the tent. IT was everyone’s first experience with camping, anytime, anywhere. I expected some midnight visitors but the campfire s’mores and late night excitement must have tired them out. They all made it through the night even with some morning rain. Don’t think this is the last time we’ll be using the tent this summer.

They may be disappointed to find “real” camping lacks wi-fi but we’ll wait to a little while to tell them that.

They did come inside and make their Mom a thank you breakfast.

The big drama this week was Ally taking a header off her bike collecting some nice road rash and chipping her front tooth (may have to re-think some of those free-range activities). Ally claimed she looked like a maniac, but thankfully, it was relatively minor and cosmetic, but it was noticeable (and her adult tooth) and needed to get fixed. So, we headed off to the dentist.

She was very happy and very relieved to have her smile back.

What was the first thing she did when she got back home? Get back on her bike, of course.

Ally loves a celebration and she loves birthdays even if it’s for the dog. Her present to Dash was to get all his toys and have a big play session.

She also insisted we make him a special treat. No human baking but we did whip up some doggy ice cream.

For you transfer fan readers, rest assured it’s essential and still open. We even get bonus Sundays now, too. The only disappointment was that there was no classical playing at drop off today but the more stereotypical and cliched White Snake.

The babysitting industry has taken a big hit but the girls are still practicing their skills with the neighbors.

After letting it freeze and getting very confused about the singing, Dash did enjoy his birthday treat. Ally was happy. Do dogs get brain freeze?

There might not have been baking but it wouldn’t be Saturday around here without some Broadway. By seven thirty, the girls were fighting a severe camping hang over. So after a few selected clips, they headed to bead with chorus lines dancing through their heads.

By the end of the day, it certainly didn’t feel like summer anymore but it’s coming…