Scenes from Saturday + Bunny Preppin’

I generally find Twitter/X to be a swampy morass that’s best avoided, but I did recently stumble across this post and it was my favorite discovery of the week. Did you know about the Hobby Movement in the 1930s?

“You will rarely find a man who has a hobby, getting into trouble. He is generally too busy with his own interests to be getting into mischief.”

No arguments from me.

A week off from dance competitions meant Easter prep and some spring cleaning.

Michelle couldn’t wait and strapped on the backpack blower and traveled to her happy place.

She had some help adding to our Easter curb appeal.

Note the presence of the speaker. You can’t garden without Taylor.

When the allergies started to hit, Ally moved inside and got busy in her studio with Easter basket prep. All baskets need friendship bracelets.

Side note, at one point when I was cooking upstairs, I heard Guns ‘n Roses playing in the basement.

I had to go down and check that Ally hadn’t hit her head. She was fine just “trying a different mix.”

The Easter Sicilian cookies were baked and iced.

The Poppy bait was made.

Every year I shake my head in wonder that America went briefly insane in the 50s and 60s and stuffed all sorts of strange things into Jell-O.

The girl’s favorite pull apart roll dough was prepped for Easter dinner.

And I went to my own happy place, vacuuming the house in a haze of white noise.

Sure, we might get snow this week, but it can’t be long until the porch is ready to use again. Right?

I did manage to use the Ooni “indoors” throughout the winter without burning down the house.

Dash is getting more stubborn in his old age. It now takes two people to capture and bathe him.

I’m not entirely sure what this LED device is but all the ladies assure me it saves them spending lots of money on manicures.

Anyone else finish up their day catching up on the World XC championships? Just me? I know some of my fellow Soles were at least aware it was happening.

A little hard to find on CNBC (the first place you think to check for running events), but at least it was televised! That’s progress for running as a sport.

The girls current obsession for dessert, and best recent warehouse buy, are the bulk acai bowls.

They assure me that the money we are saving on nails and smoothie bowls by doing it at home definitely means we can definitely go to Hawaii soon.

Might need to make some economic flashcards.

Happy Easter!


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