Scenes from Saturday + Buffalos at Bellforge

A few weeks ago I mentioned how I thought the simple ability to tolerate minor discomfort was a waning superpower. I recently encountered another everyday superpower that social media and society appear hell bent on extinguishing.

Minding your own business.

Okay, yes I’m introverted and I often prefer the company of books to people but if you want to know a “secret” to my productivity beyond not watching much TV and just getting on with it, it’s knowing what I really care about and knowing what I don’t. It helps sharpen my focus on where to put my energy.

I save a lot of mental space simply by understanding what I don’t have any interest in knowing any more about despite what TikTok, Twitter, or Facebook might believe.

I think because we have access to these windows into the lives of others all day, it can be easy to be convinced that the view entitles one to a depth of understanding, but if you resist that and just mind your own business you quickly figure out what’s real and might be worth the investment of your time and what can be disregarded or ignored. That’s a superpower.

Saturday definitely did not start on the couch. It did not even start in bed.

In an event almost as rare as a super blue moon appearing twice in one month, this Saturday started with me up and ambulatory reliving my college years with mediocre pizza after some live music.

Michelle and I ventured into Harvard Square to take in our neighbor’s show. No regrets!

Somehow Michelle was able to get up and get the girls to the hair dresser where there was the usual negotiation of how much hair to get cut. No arguments on the bangs. Ally could hardly see.

Then it was off to the studio for some solo dance practice.

Then a run to the dentist where once again they tried to fix the chip in Ally’s front tooth.

We’ll see how long this repair lasts.

Then we started and ended the day with more live music.

Nothing makes a person of a certain age feel nostalgic like the mention of flannel, My So Called Life, and Buffalo Tom.

Too warm for flannel but Buffalo Tom put on a good show despite the occasional rain. No Claire Danes sightings however.

We finished the night where we started. More pizza. But this time accompanied by meloncello shots. Which I didn’t know existed but am now happy that I do!

Mind your own business and have a great Sunday!


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