Scenes from Saturday + Bubbles & Burn

While I see some of me in my kids (Ce’s shyness, Ally’s love of tofu), they definitely did not inherit my love of sports and competition. This is probably a good thing. Never ask about the infamous darts game of 2000. They enjoy dance, and Broadway, and glitter.

This week, Ce and I butted heads a few times over homework. Cecilia is so similar in temperament in many ways to me but so different in the way she learns.

It reminded me of one of my very favorite lines about being a parent: “Perhaps the immutable error of parenthood is that we give our children what we wanted, whether they want it or not.”

If Ce read the blog she’d likely use this as a perfect counterpoint for why she shouldn’t be forced to use flash cards to learn. We eventually came to a peaceful resolution and homework was finished.

It’s all a dance. Help give your kids what they need now. You don’t need to forsake yourself. Give yourself what you needed then now, too, just make sure there’s room on that stage for what they want, too. Glitter and all.

But maybe not flash cards…

I was on a run but things started off well on the morning couch.

While I don’t love the Food Network (few actual chefs or actual cooking shows left), it still beats live Disney shows.

So Ally does sometimes like to generate her own drama. She’s occasionally talked about things being blurry. We called her bluff and made an eye doctor appointment.

Her eyes were fine. Took that excuse off the table.

Look at Michelle getting cocky and striking a pose while tossing the recycling.

I’m not sure Ally really believed I wrote a book until we went into her favorite bookstore and picked up a copy. I think she was more excited than I was.

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Just a couple more weeks until Ally’s first communion. We stopped by the church to drop off some final homework materials.

Later, she practiced the proper mask-receiving protocol with Grammie.

We are not really lawn people but even I had to admit it was looking a little neglected so I enlisted (forcibly drafted?) Cecilia into helping me rake, seed, and fertilize. She was thrilled as you can tell by her face.

It did not help that Ally chose that moment to come outside and start playing with bubbles.

I’d forgotten that life is constantly unfair when you are almost twelve years old.

But there are some perks to being the older sister. Once Ce was done helping the warden (i.e., me), she went into town to hang out with her friend and try out her new debit card.

One of the new parenting milestones: teaching your child how to properly pay for purchases with a chip card.

Plus, she was rolling in style thanks to her lux clutch from Grandmother.

The beer garden is back and everyone knows beer tastes better after yard work.

Friends, music, beer, outdoor dining. We rode that wave all the way to last call.

A perfect way to cap off a warm spring Saturday.


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