Scenes from Saturday + Brass & Burritos

Sometimes I wonder why I still write these posts each Sunday. I’ve certainly been doing it long enough that it is an ingrained habit. I’m not trying to establish anything.

But is it giving me energy or deadening my spirit?

Repeating something can often mean looking backward. That doesn’t always feel productive. That would be soul killing. The constant second-guessing and what-if’s.

I realized being consistent and making slow, steady progress isn’t all about streaks or optimizing my time it’s about coming back.

The key part of a habit for me is to help you return but also find something new. A practice is built on the movement of return. Even if it’s a just a new way to joke about glitter or Michelle repairing the house.

There’s energy for me in that.

If there’s one tiny sliver of a silver lining to six years of day care it is the iron-clad constitutions it eventually provides. I believe Cecilia has missed a total of less than 5 days of school since kindergarten. Mostly, it’s just low-grade sniffles that peter out after a day or so.

But something did sneak through the armor this week and she was on soup and sofa duty for a few days.

Good thing she’d conned her grandmother into buying her a big Stanley chiller earlier this week. “For my birthday…” in two months.

As a Dad tax, on the way to the doctor’s office I made her listen to a podcast about the rise in popularity of the Stanley.

Ally kept her distance (not all that hard right now at these ages) and retreated to her basement studio for some art time.

Dash was walked.

Hard to tell in this picture, but given all his skin issues, he can’t be groomed as closely and it leaves his head and body looking wildly out of proportion for a few days.

He looks like a poor sheared sheep. Tiny head. Puffy body.

More couch time. Cast Away, at least the Wilson and island parts, still holds up really well for a movie almost twenty-five years old.

A routine Saturday picked up a bit of steam at sunset.

We headed into the city for the girl’s first all-ages club show. Sure, they’d seen Taylor Swift at a stadium but they’d never been sweat on by a performer or had their chest rattled when standing next to the speaker.

First, a well-earned pre-show burrito after circling the streets of Davis Square trying to find non-resident parking that wouldn’t get my car towed.

Then a stop at a second-hand shop because…well, just because.

The girls found some cheap Gymshark and Lululemon along with these kinky boots.

Then it was show time.

Rebirth Brass Band were amazing. Really good New Orleans jazz. Great energy, on stage and from the crowd in the room, and the musicians were clearly having fun.

The Crystal Ballroom is a newer venue, part of The Somerville Theater, but highly recommended.

We then initiated the girl’s into the post-show, late-night snack routine, trying to recap your favorite parts while stuffing your face and not really being able to hear anyone.

Happy Sunday! Find some routine energy today.


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