Scenes from Saturday + Boxes & Bonsai

With the book done and off to the editor, there is now a large space, at least temporarily, where the book used to exist in my head. Almost before I hit send on the email with the manuscript, all sorts of new projects and to-do items rushed into fill the void. I wrote them down. It was a long list. It needed some prioritization.

I remembered the quote from Toni Morrison: “I wrote a list of the things I had to do,” she once explained. “I found sixty three. Then I wrote another list of the things I wanted to do. I found two–write and mother my children.”

That provides a bit of clarity.

I wasn’t sure the girls could find a new way to amp up my aversion to the live Disney shows, but never underestimate your kids!

Through some sister snafu that I didn’t want to hear about, they are both watching the same show and even the same episode but not the same scene.

So I had live Disney going in out of sync stereo in two different rooms.

Dash and I took that as a sign to get out of the house.

The woods were not as crowded as Friday and their spring-like temperatures.

It runs in the family. Now that Poppy is living closer, he too is learning to love the transfer station.

Trying to spread around the good luck for the Eagles tomorrow, so we dipped into our Wawa pretzel stash.

Michelle preaching the power of the plank. Girls thought it looked easy. Sure, it does look easy.

In the afternoon, we went over to the New England Bonsai Center to check out the greenhouses.

Back at home, Ally completed the time-honored task of practicing her printing by writing out all the Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates.

She also practiced the time-honored task of never being indoors without wearing her comfy.

After she was done, she said she was bored. I never respond when the girls say that. They need to learn to deal with boredom and it often leads to creative solutions.

Meanwhile, Michelle snubbed her nose at the mid-forty degree temperatures and made a fire.

No baking yesterday. It was National Pizza Day on Thursday, so I scratched the bread itch then and we will be making some goodies for the game today.

But we did watch some cooking shows. I’ve now added the Meyer lemon Bundt cake from What’s for Dessert to my list.

After some cabinet banging and disappearing for an hour, Ally re-emerged with a Cheerios lei.

Wearing a necklace of yummy treats caused no issues with Dash as we sat on the couch and whiled away the end of Saturday night with random TV and garbage time.

Have a great Sunday. Take a break from that to-list. Hang out with friends and family.

Go Iggles!


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