Scenes from Saturday + Birthdays & Boxes

I had a presentation this week. I wasn’t dreading it. I was prepared, but I also wasn’t really looking forward to it. It was taking up a lot of mental space. I also had some baking to do for the weekend’s celebrations. I was looking forward to the baking (and the eating).

It all happened at the same speed. Love it or hate it. Time keeps moving.

Cecilia turned 15 yesterday. We ate pasta and cupcakes. She opened presents. I tried to appreciate all of it.

Never wish for less time.

I promised Cecilia I wouldn’t mix her birthday blog post with any flash card or transfer station updates, so y’all will have to come back next week for those regular features. I can’t defy the wishes of a 15 year-old.

Some couch time with Papa to start the day. He was just as confused with the Teen Nick programming as I was. Why is The Thundermans popular?

Michelle went on a morning run. She claims she is not in 5-mile shape but like most things Chelle, she just did it anyway.

After a six-week layoff due to a mysterious muscle strain, I was finally able to get back at it, but I am definitely not in 5-mile shape.

Allison LOVES birthdays. Not just her birthday but all birthdays. And not just the cake or the presents. She likes the decorating and the singing. She likes all of it.

We have a tradition with friends in town where we pass around Emmett the M&M man (don’t ask how we initially acquired it!) and fill it with small food and gifts.

Michelle’s birthday was last week, so we already had Emmet but Allison was excited to fill it for her sister.

The one disappoint for Ce of the New Orleans trip was her inability to find a souvenir t-shirt that included a trombone. It was all trumpets and tubas and drums.

Well, we rectified that for her birthday.

And that wasn’t the only piece of trombone of merch.

Everyone needs a trombone kazoo for their collection. And yes, the slide works.

We also taught her an important lesson about economics with some scratchies.

They were all losers.

Cecilia requested chocolate on chocolate cupcakes. No fruit for her birthday dessert.

A birthday elf might have appeared to help with the buttercream testing.

She also was adamant that she wanted fat, pink, old-school sprinkles.

That innocent ask turned into a four town search that ended on the Internet and some anxious tracking before they arrived in the nick of time.

I hope she never gets too old to find joy in an empty box.

Papa might be retired but he’s still making housecalls.

Always good to have the ears checked.

Let it be noted, for the record, that she sat down at the piano unprompted.

Cecilia requested pasta for her dinner, so bread was baked.

Said it before, but if you ever want to try making bread at home, pick up Forkish’s Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast. I’ve never been let down when I follow his recipes. It’s precise and detailed but not overly fussy.

Pasta was eaten, presents were opened, and the cupcakes were deemed a success by the birthday girl.

Even if she will hate this photo!

Happy 15, Cecilia. I can’t wait to see what adventures the next year bring!


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