Scenes from Saturday + Birthdays & Bacon

It was Michelle’s birthday yesterday and I was thinking about time. And the lessons we can learn from kids and the lessons we can teach them.

Birthdays to the young are huge and momentous. They are anticipated and planned with all the focus and energy we wish they’d put into learning new math.

For parents, our birthdays are…maybe not as special. We’ve been through it all so many times before.

A parent’s relationship with time is different. Kids have such a limited sense of time. They can be arrogant about time just through sheer ignorance. But adults can also be too dismissive because we are just too comfortable.

Maybe we can help each other appreciate it. Not to wish away minutes in a rush to get older and not to simply let it slip from our grasp.

The girls were up early to decorate and and made the coffee for Michelle. I was told this looked better than it tasted.

Bacon and fruit salad. Breakfast for a birthday Mom. We did eventually convince Ce to add some eggs.

Emmit the M&M made his birthday appearance. And he was stuffed with candy and champagne. Well, played Emmit.

Ally made an outdoor scavenger hunt for Michelle to find some birthday gratitude wishes.

Side lesson learned: yellow highlighter clues on white paper are difficult to read in the sun.

It wasn’t all fun and games. Cece and I did some math.

I feel like I need to start keeping these photos of smiling Ce handy. We are entering turbulent waters even without bringing math into the picture. But we made it through today without too much pain. I’ll take the small victory.

Between Michelle’s birthday and Easter, there was a lot of cooking and baking going on.

Cecilia learned how to make the Sicilian Easter cookie eggs this year. She was a little perturbed with the lack of specificity in the old school recipe. About this much, about that much is not Ce’s style. I can relate.

Unfortunately, this Easter tradition also still survives. I am not Team Jello Mold. With or without pineapple chunks.

We might be streaming Easter mass but that doesn’t mean we can’t look good doing it. The girls went and had their nails done and the color choice was almost as hard as picking the right putty tin or sparkle slime.

Ce also had a lot of questions about waxing.

Much of the rest of the day (at least my day) was spent in the kitchen.

While the bread and pastries came out fine, the cacio e pepe… did not. For such a simple dish it’s remarkably tough to get the right consistency. I’ll try again next year. This is what happens when you put the Irish guy in charge of the Italian food.

At least we ended the day on a high note, or maybe it was the cumulative champagne effect, but the champagne with the champagne cupcakes tasted just right.

Happy Easter!


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