Scenes from Saturday + Beach & Boil

The kids are back in school and I’m jealous. If I could only go back to school now, I think my experience would be so different. And I don’t just mean how much better I’d be at flashcards.

When you were a kid, what did being an adult mean? No more school. No more homework. Graduation was the final destination of learning. Being an adult was one long summer vacation. School and education are the same thing and that education inevitably stops. This obviously says something about our school systems but it also says something about parents.

I don’t want to raise kids that are good at school. I want to raise lifelong students who know that learning is an endless pursuit, to believe one never graduates or arrives at some final destination of education.

Second coat of stain went down on the new floors at home, so we escaped to the Cape early and woke up to the visitors couch.

The ability for teenagers to roll out of bed and be instantly annoyed is a superpower I’m not eager to explore.

The last summer weekend provided the last opportunity to cross over from the bay side to the ocean side.

That brings a little more surf and a lot more sharks.

Ten minutes after we arrived, we had our first red flag and were out of the water.

It always amuses me that people rush back into the water when given the all clear. Better you than me!

Waves were pretty mellow at low tide but big enough for the girls after the flat bay.

A second sighting after lunch brought in documentary film crews and kept us out of the water for the rest of the day.

Which left plenty of time for cart wheels.

And exploring the beach food trucks where the girls didn’t have to travel to Hawaii to discover the lip staining joys of shave ice.

I think more beaches should have a little lending library.

Once we threw in the towel on waiting out the sharks, it was back to the Jaws-free bay side and the traditional Labor Day end-of-season seafood boil.

And Ally had her nachos. Nothing like nachos and seafood to close out the Cape summer season.

It might rain later tonight, but Saturday finished with a sunset and a sister selfie.


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