Scenes from Saturday + Bad Dad the Musical

A favorite quote from Bette Davis: “If you’ve never been hated by your child, you’ve never been a parent.”

We had a couple of incidents this week that had the kids mad at me. Nothing big. Nothing that wasn’t really forgotten the next day (attempts at smuggling candy, what constitutes actually washing your hands, how to properly fold a fitted sheet).

Here’s what I’ve come to believe after 10 years of parenting. If your kids are never mad at you, if they never whine about how unfair you are being, it’s probably means you’re not doing your job as a parent. You are only protecting them from the consequences of their actions. How is that going to work out in the long run when life gives them a firm kick in the pants? We can only engage with the world as it is, not as we wish it would be. Raising sheltered or unprepared kids is not the way to raise successful adults.

The girls had a late (but fun and pizza-truck fueled) night on Friday at the MAP party so Michelle had some extra morning time alone to peruse the Hallmark Channel’s Christmas movies.


We both planned on going to the morning run, part of our exposure therapy in leaving the girls alone for awhile, but they both decided to sleep past 6:30 so we sent in our secret weapon to wake them up.


No smiles until after her first cup of chocolate.


Cecilia wanted time off from the weekly grind of making breakfast. Ally still wants a taco at every meal. Hence, breakfast tacos.


After breakfast it was time to make those American Girl dolls earn their room and board.


By 9 a.m., the girls were getting punchy and Michelle had forgotten her earlier statement that she would ‘take it easy because it was so cold out.’ Off they went to the hospital to walk Dash and do errands.


So many interesting smells at the transfer station!


I wasn’t kidding about tacos at every meal. Other than trying to get us to buy bricks of chocolate, this is Ally’s favorite thing to add to the cart because she knows if we have it we can make a quick taco.


Between tacos, we did get the usual quota of reading, piano, and whining in.


Have you met our enthusiastic doorman? He was very excited to meet the new baby-sitter.


A baby-sitter? Yes! Even though Cecilia, of course, saw it as patently unfair, we were going out to dinner and show without kids.

We did have food, too.


The show was excellent and well-worth seeing if it swings through your city. A nice shot of positivity and humanity in these sometimes grim times.


The baby-sitter was a hit and the girls were over their disappointment and anxious to hear about the show this morning. Life is not always fun or filled with peppy musical interludes. Being a parent means teaching them the world isn’t going to magically bend to their preferences. And neither is Dad. Teaching them otherwise would be the cruelest thing of all.