Scenes from Saturday + Back to the Beach

Flash cards. Drills. Deliberate practice. Purposeful habits. It’s not that I enjoy torturing the girls. I’m trying to illustrate that any type of improvement is often done in the day-to-day doldrums of everyday effort and often the results are far from immediate.

It’s graduation season, if I were to give a speech, this is what I’d say.

For self improvement, I believe this is the key whether it’s in writing, teaching, sports, programming, music, baking, or glitter crafts. Part of what I talked about with the book club attendees last week was my writing process. I try to write everyday. I am not interested in being a Writer, but rather working at writing. For me, the important thing is to write as much as possible. This is my work. That is what I want to pass on to the girls. Strive to be a verb. The question is not what I am, but rather what I do.

Do that every day. Work at your art.

Memorial Day means getting down to the Cape and getting the house set up for the season.

Getting up early, checking traffic, packing the car, trying to remember what we left behind last year.

And… doing the moonwalk. Or trying to.

Michelle continuing her quest to master all the 80s dance moves.

We would never forget to bring Dash. But he also makes sure there is no way we’d leave him behind like Kevin in Home Alone. When the suitcases come out, Dash immediately is on high alert.

There is a big sign before the bridges that welcomes you to Cape Cod.

Every year, I give Michelle a heads up that it’s coming and to grab a photo.

Each year is the same result.

The tradition continues!

Up until mid-June, dogs are allowed on the beach and Dash takes full advantage.

He is not a water dog but he enjoys bossing around the waves (from a safe distance).

After getting the chores done, much of the afternoon was spent like this, enjoying the unexpectedly warm weather.

So warm, in fact, that Michelle even went in the water. I guarded the beer.

Not a shark.

A nice start to the summer season complete with a sunset to cap off Saturday.


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