Scenes from Saturday + Astronauts & Ice Cream

If you have any conversation with friends and family right now, you are likely to hear stress, fear, confusion, maybe anger, definitely fatigue. But it’s mostly fatigue, I think. I had the week off and I’m more tired now than before.

But the kids? One of my main parenting tenets is to do my best to model the behavior I want them to learn. In this case, I might need to learn from them.

The girls are aware of what’s going on but they remain energetic and excited most days. They tolerate the homeschooling but after that it’s all about the green screen, inch worms, unrolling the slip ‘n slide, and the weird egg they found outside. It’s also mostly about when they can have their next snack, but they manage to stay remarkably present. There is something refreshing about their narrow views, ordinary complaints and not being overwhelmed by the relentless negativity and uncertainty of world events.

Maybe I can tap into that. Maybe I can be a little more like a kid. I’m not abandoning ship. I’ll still monitor the cheese stick consumption but I’ll try to also enjoy this strange, surreal experience. Or, at least not let it grind me down.

No camping or s’mores on Friday but the warm weather week must have taken a cumulative toll on the girls. I made it all the way through two cups of coffee before I heard them stirring. Long enough to be awake but not crazy enough to think hill repeats in humidity was a good idea.

Somehow the television did not get turned on. Must have been heatstroke.

They’ve been watching early seasons of Survivor lately and Ally immediately started the day with a confessional style video for her (fake) YouTube channel. It was appropriately dramatic.

Saturday has become the routine cleaning day so we took advantage of the non-TV morning to get a jump start on chores. It was odd. The girls didn’t complain. They even changed their own sheets and folded, not only their clothes, but their doll’s clothes. I immediately took their temperatures. It was bizarro Saturday.

I might have gotten a quarantine hair cut (via Michelle) but Dash is still waiting. Before kids, our previous dog had a bath once a week. Dash gets one maybe once a month so he really shouldn’t look so sad.

Last day of the May “heatwave” so you know the pool and slip ‘n slide were going to be out by 10 a.m.

Popsicles before lunch is likely setting a poor precedent but if that is my biggest complaint this summer, I’ll take it.

Our course a half hour later, Ally’s daily, ritual prayer was actually answered…

They at least did their Dad proud and went with the Choco Taco and Chocolate Eclair, plus they brought me back a Chipwich. That’s definitely 3 of the top 5 ice cream truck novelties right there. I’ve taught them something.

While they were chasing the ice cream truck, I was using up brown bananas with Joanne Chang’s excellent banana bread recipe.

Eleven weeks in, our birthday drive-by game is pretty tight. Ally mans the roof turret. Cece handles the approach with Kool & the Gang. And Michelle closes it out with some Happy Birthday island-style ukulele.

We made it back in time to watch the surprisingly dramatic rocket launch. The girls had a lot of questions about space. Mostly about peeing.

Then it was back outside for more pool and cul-de-sac cocktails before Michelle and the girls finished the day by watching Center Stage (certain parts fast forwarded).

And I finally ate my Chipwich and savored it like a kid.



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