Scenes from Saturday + Apples & Arlington

[Editor’s note: It was my annual 36-hours in a van with some occasional running weekend, so Cecilia is taking over the blog this weekend. You don’t need to see 17 different point of view shots from inside a Ford Econoline.]

We just finished the fourth week of school and it has gotten interesting. In Civics, our teacher is making us say a vice president’s name before anything we say to him. It started almost two weeks ago and now I am one of the last two people still standing. I have not only learned the names of a bunch of vice presidents, I have also learned about focus, no, not my Dad’s antique car, but how much we need and use it in our daily lives.

Even if I think knowing a bunch of vice president’s names isn’t all that useful unless I start going to trivia nights with Dad. 

Back to Saturday, other than Dad being away doing the Ragnar relay our Saturday started off like any other Saturday: Mom went on a early run to enjoy the scenery and brisk morning air. And maybe to get away from us? When she got back she was all business (that’s also the usual) and we scurried around to get ready to take our annual trip to Honey Pot orchards.

There is only a small window where the Honeycrisp apples are at their peak. But Ally doesn’t really care. Ally is there for the donuts and the farm animals. She was super excited to pet the goat that learned to jump over it’s fence.

After going there for so long we have the process down to a science. Arrive right at nine when it opens. Then we spend about an hour and a half there picking apples, seeing animals, and shopping at the farm store. Get out right as the crowds and tour buses start to pull in.

On the way home we stopped at Home Goods (the fancy Marshall’s) to look for a rug since our white carpet room no longer has a white carpet. Ally somehow convinced Mom to get some Halloween decorations, of course. Every older sister knows the little sister always gets what she wants.

We didn’t get the lamp.

Back at home, Ally and I  had some leftovers for lunch (see Dad, we didn’t waste food) while Mom went out to the transfer station which she said was unusually busy for a Saturday at lunch.

My Dad really likes the transfer station but not as much as running.

When mom came back, we all got back in the car and headed to Arlington to see our neighbor’s band Air Traffic Controller perform at Arlington Day. They were running late so we had a chance to look around and get some free stuff.

Also, look how good my braids look.

On our way back home, we picked up ramen for Dad and pizza for Ally and I. We also got some mozzarella sticks. Pizza is always better with a side of extra cheese. As we waited for Dad, we ate our pizza and Mom made us watch some old 80s and 2000s movies.

Dash was waiting all day for Dad and kept checking the street for his old car. You can imagine how happy he was to see his car pull up. Dad told us all about his adventures in the van (sounded smelly and uncomfortable but he sounded like he had fun).

By the end of the night we were all tired (Dad always said you should be tired at the end of the day) and ready to go to bed.

Thanks for reading Cece’s Skylight and have a great Sunday!!


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