Scenes from Saturday + Acorns & Elvis

School finally started up this week and I was reminded of two important Dad lessons. First, my kids are not me. They might have my genes but that doesn’t mean they love flash cards, enjoy timed multiplication tests, or enjoy the rug patterns a good vacuum session can produce. I might not totally understand my kids (will I ever?) but it’s not really fair to see them as little me’s. They like different things. They are essentially different people.

That’s not their problem. It’s my problem. Not really a terrible problem to have but just something to keep in mind when they roll their eyes at my 76th suggestion about the long term benefits of deliberate practice.

Second lesson: yelling at inanimate objects like Chromebooks or new drop-off traffic patterns is an emotional response and that type of response never made a situation better.

On to a Saturday not filled with Zooms, worksheets, or scavenger hunts during business calls…

We started on the couch with a morning where Michelle demanded old-school Saved By the Bells.

I came back from a chilly morning run to find Ce’s diner up and running.

While they have yet to get back to school in person, they have had dance class in the studio and it’s given Ally some new moves to practice.

Any transfer station soundtrack was drowned out by the heavy machinery this week. (ed note: you do get some strange looks taking photos at the dump)

Ally’s new favorite lunch sandwich is a toasted Elvis. Of course with the peanut butter involved it’s not school approved. Also of note, now that either one can get the free lunch at school, ‘buying’ no longer holds as much appeal. Can’t win.

Dash has developed a fun new habit where he trolls around the yard picking up acorns, cracking them, and then spitting them out. It’s like when your uncle decides to clip his nails at the dinner table.

Baby sitting is right around the corner. I’m excited that Ce will get to put her…stern voice and love of rules to good use.

We are preparing the girls for a very different or non-existent Halloween. Ally is in denial or the bargaining stage. She keeps saying it’s fine as long as she gets a giant bag of candy.

After the afternoon errands, it was time to hit up the Saturday beer garden…

…which turned into Saturday wine…

…and Saturday s’mores.

My friends aren’t me either, thank god, but after a bumpy first week back with hybrid learning, it was good to know that a lot of parents share the same problems. And are more than willing to share the wine.



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