Scenes from Saturday + A Very Special Episode…

I admit it, I am not a huge social media person.  I forget to take pictures every Saturday to help with Mike’s blog post. I have less than 100 pictures on my Instagram. The pictures I do take are not perfect. They usually are crooked. I don’t pay attention to backgrounds.  If I do edit them, I just touch the magic wand on the screen and call it a day. So you can imagine the whole family was a little nervous when I announced I was going to write a guest post while Mike was away running the Ragnar event in New Hampshire with the Soles.


We started our morning on the couch.  One child was cold, one child had a cold, and the furry child was moping at not having Mike home.  Since it was going to be a girl’s day, we started it off strong with finishing our prior night’s marathon of Descendants movies.  Those Disney kids had me entertained and I now want to dye my hair a shade of purple.  


Next up it was all business.  One thing that Mike does not capture is my weekend mania.  It usually happens after I have my cup of coffee and realize that my weekend to-do list is longer than I expected.  If I have work to do, then I may as well make my kids join me.

Cecilia started her project on Marie Curie. After her fuddling through her “research” I took out my computer to assist and she quickly scolded me saying, “Mom, you can NOT use Google to look things up.” To which I replied, “then how do you research things these days?”.  I got an eye roll and she went back to the book. I consider that a Mom win!


Next up was loading the car to take things to the transfer station. I’m no Marie Kondo but I do love myself some throwing out or donating items that have lost their use at our house. 

No picture taken because I forgot.

Next stop was Medfield Day.  The girls LOVE Medfield day, they get tons of candy, see their friends, get to spin many Wheels of Chance. When the kids were little I used to survive the day, but now as they have gotten older its actually enjoyable to walk behind them while they peruse the booths and collect their tchotchkes.  

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It was great to see a Soles of Medfield booth in the lineup this year. The Soles really know how to build a community, create fitness challenges, and have a heck of a lot of fun.  The girls had a blast picking out all the pictures that had Daddy in them! 


After wandering around for a couple hours, Allison needed to fuel up with 2 bites of pizza and a novelty from the ice cream truck.  This girl loves ice cream trucks, and her pure joy of seeing one, or humming the music from the truck, usually makes us cave into buying her a treat.  Today was no exception.


After exhausting our Medfield Day adventures and successfully avoiding all the bouncy houses, we headed to Metacomet Park for a Medfield vs Medfield field hockey match up (it appropriately ended in a tie). It started off raining but then cleared by the second half.  


Cecilia was happy that defense saw a little action this game and Allison was happy to be playing with her newly acquired blue slime. 


After the game we headed home to await Mike’s return and celebrate his race with a dinner of nachos in front of the TV.  Mike arrived tired but energized by his Ragnar experience. The girls and Dash were happy to have their Daddy back. All was right in the world again. At least on a Saturday.



It’s not that I don’t like social media. In fact, I love looking at everyone else’s pictures and moments.  It’s just that most weekends my moments are filled with grocery shopping, laundry, and straightening the house.  Its mundane, and definitely not Instagram-worthy.

However, Mike’s blog has shown me that even some of the littlest moments contain the joy that is our family.  It’s just as fun for me to read the blog each week as anyone else because it gives me the perspective I need to remember just how lucky we are.



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