Scenes from Saturday + A Spring Escape

We had a good set of report cards this quarter. Cecilia especially showed measurable improvements since Christmas. This gave me the perfect opportunity to give all the credit to flash cards. Cecilia was a bit more skeptical. I was only half kidding. 

One my biggest learnings in the past fews years is the best performers, whether it’s sports, school, or career have the basics down cold. How? By constantly doing reps. If you don’t repeat the simple foundations of whatever you are trying to achieve you’ll never reach your full potential. End of story.

This is what I told Cecilia. To stay great, to keep improving, you need to keep that curious beginner’s mind. If you ever find yourself floundering, go back to the basics. Ask the simple questions. Do the reps.

“So I have to keep doing the flash cards?”

I kept the answer simple.  “Yes.”

We had a late night out on Friday, so I wasn’t surprised to find Cecilia surfing the couch solo in the morning. She is dedicated to her Netflix craft.


The yin and yang of New England spring continues. Lots of people doing final prep for the marathon. I was happy to run for an hour in shorts.


When I returned, Ally was up and nesting at her end of the couch.


But the warm temperatures even coaxed her off outside pretty quickly. The scooters and the pogo stick got a good workout throughout the day.


Saturday brought our first experience with an escape room. Ally was a little nervous we would never get out. Cecilia was irrationally confident that they should probably build us a special, harder one because we’d be so good at the regular one.


The girls were literally bouncing with excitement….


…until we hit the second room. We quickly lost 3 of the 4 kids to the dark and noise.


We probably should have paid more attention to the signs. Cecilia did make it all the way through. The adults had fun. I’m not sure we escaped so much as were given a pity exit. Pretty sure we disappointed our one escape room dedicated friend.


The girls quickly rediscovered their bravado outside.


We made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s (note: they do not like people taking pictures in their stores) to stock up on some wines for the rest of the day. Ally and I waited in the car.


Back at home, dough was prepped for pizza.


Chelle cleaned the garage. Things were feeling back to normal. Or so Chelle thought :)


Ally helped me dip and decorate some shortbread cookies. She liked dipping the misshapen ends and sampling. She kept asking if she could “skinny dip.” I’m fine if this is what she thinks skinny dipping is for as long as possible.


Michelle’s two favorite days of the year. Using the fireplace and opening up the porch.


The second part of the day was the start of a week long “Chellebration” for Michelle’s birthday. She knew people were coming over just not that her friends had gone all-in on a theme.


In life, you need a good mechanic, a good plumber, and someone that can make a cake like this:


Detroit-style pizza ready to go in the oven. The Sicilian’s chubby cousin, this is a special occasion pizza. There’s a reason it needs a special pan.


The rest of the night was food, friends, and making sure little Danny didn’t imbibe any more juice or destroy any furniture. 


The kids finished the night with an epic game of Ghost in the Graveyard which had all the adults nostalgic and maybe 2 more glasses of wine from joining in.

One simple thing that can lead to a happier life? Invite your friends over. Food always tastes better with friends. Even Cecilia can’t complain about that type of repetition.



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