Scenes from Saturday + a Shamrock Shuffle

Mid-March in New England means a couple things to me. First, I start arguing with the kids that temperatures in the mid-40’s still means you need to wear something with long sleeves. Second, I need to consider chiseling out some furrows for planting the first peas. Finally, it marks the unofficial start of the spring road racing season. I’ve never met a competition I didn’t like!

5 reasons I still like running 5k’s:

Budget They’re not cheap, but they are cheaper than most other races and you typically get the same snacks for running a lot less.

Competing Many longer events are about enduring your way to the finish. 5k’s are about racing.

Fitness The 5k requires strength, speed, power, and endurance. You can effectively train for a 5k with a variety of workouts not just long runs. It will not only help you run better but also improve your overall health.

No Chafing The risk of nipple bleeding is very low.

Beer & Naps It’s just long enough and takes just enough effort that it totally justifies at least one beer and one short nap when you are done.

We totally took advantage of the beer and nap clause yesterday.


Ally is not our morning girl. She’s basically unapproachable for the first 90 minutes after she wakes up. 


She voluntarily left the television and started reading. Perhaps she is related to me.


We hit the road early to head down to Grammie and Poppy’s house to run that 5k and boil some potatoes. 


Michelle was very excited to make a return to racing. She crushed it! So did Poppy in his new age group. He even gave an appropriate cranky old man growl about encountering a hill on the course.


Three runners and a photo bomber.


With the run done, it was time to prep some fine Irish cuisine. We first played what’s bigger, the cabbage or Ally’s head.


While things bubbled and boiled, Ally played art teacher with Grammie. Surprisingly the set of markers from the 80s still worked.


Ce and I discovered a treasure trove of my elementary school projects. Turns out I was way ahead of the curve on a love for Alexander Hamilton. 


What do you mean this isn’t accurate Irish step dancing?


Our post-race justified beer. Explaining the density of a black and tan also gave us an excellent idea for Ally’s second grade science fair project.


Finally, the boiling was complete and we were able to eat our heritage feast. Well, the others ate that. I had the veggie hand pie, also tasty, but not something my ancestors probably ate.


Ally had a mashed potato hangover after indulging in three helpings (the only thing she ate).


No photos of our napping exists, but we did catch Ally “taking a snoozie” on the way home.


The last order of business was coaxing the kids to bed and assuring them the leprachuam might be able to pee in the toilet but definitely could not climb the stairs and bother their dreams. It was some slippery parent logic but it worked.