Scenes from Saturday + A New Bike!

After all the excitement last weekend with the invading hordes for the birthday party, this Saturday felt downright quiet. Make no mistake, it was still busy and exhausting, but not on the same level as last weekend. I didn’t need wine to survive or to crawl up the stairs to bed at the end of the night. 

After Cecilia’s “official” birthday on Thursday, we still had some birthday business to attend to, plus with Easter today and a First Communion next weekend, there was plenty on the to-do list. But we started, where else…on the couch….with some Full House. This episode involved a pig for some reason.

Ally took a pretty good fall yesterday at day care. She was skipping (how else does a 4 year old girl move?) and tripped and skidded across the concrete. Luckily, her face was unscathed, but her elbow and belly got some nice road rash. It was traumatic, as you can imagine. The stinging kept her up late. She slept in this morning. Dash was quite content to take her place on the couch, but he didn’t find Joey or Michelle Tanner’s one-liners quite as amusing as Ally usually does.


She eventually came downstairs and once we very, very carefully got dressed around the stinging boo-boos and added some sparkle, she was willing to allow me to get a photo of her and her wound. You can see how that would sting a lot, right?


The piece of unfinished birthday business was Cecilia picking out a new bike. Michelle took the girls out early to take care of that and bunch of other errands. We can’t go more than two weeks without stepping foot in either a Target or a Home Goods. It’s a rule.

While they were out, I was able to get a run in. Nice to be able to run outside again. 35 miles this week, all outside under blue skies. No complaints there.


When the girls returned, it was time to knock off some thank you notes from the birthday. What’s worse? A root canal or trying to get an eight year old to write thank you notes (or really write anything at all)? 

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Of course, while Cece was on the verge of melting down over thank you notes, Ally was quite happy to put on her new orange dress (outfit change #5 of the day) and have a disco dance party (dance party #3) in the living room.


Thankfully, Michelle had the forethought to get a family-sized sushi platter for lunch for the two of us. We were also on the verge of melting down. Sushi high five! 


Dash is quite happy that the porch once again opened for business this week. Lots of sun spots to lay in and nap the day away.


After some lunch and finishing those thank you notes, it was time to take the new bike out for it’s maiden voyage.


Of course, this means, Ally gets a “new” bike, too. Thankfully, Ally is pretty mellow and doesn’t complain much any time she gets hand me downs. We did upgrade the bike with a new basket and some handle bar streamers (not pictured). She was just as happy as Cecilia.


After riding around the cul de sac 479 times, they were tired enough to come inside and help prep the mac ‘n cheese for tomorrow’s Easter brunch.


Two minutes after this photo, Ally grated a good chunk of her fingernail off adding to her list of stinging boo-boos. Life is tough.


We cut it close, but we did squeeze in dying some Easter eggs and avoided any major spills.


Did I say there was no wine? Prosecco doesn’t really count. It just makes the late afternoon go a little smoother.


By dinner, we had some pretty tired looking kids. Also, never forget to accessorize the pajamas you wear to dinner.


They were tired, but not too tired for cake. Barely.


Another Saturday done. 



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