Scenes from Saturday + A First Communion

Yesterday the house was full and buzzing with excitement, cousins, cake and Dave Coulier jokes.

If you think a house full of guests, warm weather, the promise of presents and a sacrament would keep the girls from their Saturday morning tradition of breakfast on the couch and some Full House, you sorely underestimate the allure of Bob Saget and his fictional family. This week Michelle was very worried about the size of her feet. 

Here are some some quick pics as I recover from the weekend in my pajamas at 3:30.

The cousins were quite happy to get in on the tradition.


In fairness to them, they only watched one episode and then there was lots of playing, outfit changes and twirling dresses.


For all those that say Cecilia looks more like me, Michelle’s First Communion album offered some alternative facts. It was striking even down to the hand motions and facial expressions. The neighbors wondered how we had the photos developed so fast.


Even with a special sacrament pending in the afternoon, other Saturday activities rolled on. So while I snuck in a (sanity) run and picked picked up the food, the girls headed to dance. First Communion this weekend, dual dance recitals next weekend. #twodaughters


When everyone returned to the house it was time to put on the fancy clothes. Even Dash.


I escaped quickly after this photo and there sounded like a bit of drama going on behind closed doors, but Cecilia emerged and held it together very well for all the pre-ceremony photos. Talk about having a Dad flash forward!

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Feel like I might need to put this one on the dresser once we enter the teenage years.


Here is one from the church before we headed inside (no photos allowed in the church). She had her prayer hands down pat. Cecilia read part of the Prayer of the Faithful and did a wonderful job.

It’s been interesting to see her personality come out more recently. She does not like a lot of individual attention on her (who does!) but she gets no nerves and really likes performing when she has a job to do or a dance to perform.


By the time mass ended, it was very warm. The dress came off. The ties came off and it was time to party.


In her words, it all went too fast (even the church part). That sounds like we did something right.




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