Scenes from Saturday + A Dance Recital

We are in the thick of it people and it’s taking a toll. Last week was First Communion, this week was a dance recital and next week is Mother’s Day. Just to up the ante, we threw in a mid-week piano guild audition for Cecilia. 

As a kicker, both girls came down with colds whose primary symptom, beyond a fever and hacking cough, was whiplash mood changes.

I was terrified to make eye contact with them for three days.

I’m hanging on by a thread here. 

By Saturday morning, it appeared the worst was over. Both kids made it to morning without sweating through their pajamas and while their coughs made me wince and resembled the twin-cam rumble of a Harley, they seemed in good spirits.

Today was recital day and nothing was going to keep them down. Never underestimate the power of dance as an antibiotic.

With the cold symptoms receding, my biggest problem of the morning was now how to explain the Tanner family dynamics to my confused father-in-law. This week was an early episode where most of the clan falls ill to chicken pox. Hijinks ensue.



Grandparents in town means that treats will abound. If a frosted donut does not get a child to smile than you know your kid is seriously sick.


Lest you think that my parenting philosophy is just donuts and Full House, here is a photo of Cecilia reading.


After the girl finished eating the frosted tops of six donuts (the breakfast of all prima ballerinas), it was time to get serious about costume prep. It was also time for Dad to get serious about finding a safe haven in the house.

If you don’t think makeup, bobbie pins, hairspray and costumes in an enclosed space equals drama than you don’t have daughters. After this picture I retreated to the basement with the dog.


In the end, both girls did wonderful. Cecilia had three different dances (and costume changes) and despite having to wait until almost the last dance, Allison kept it together and almost single-handedly saved her routine (one of the girls mistakenly led most of the troop off stage but Allison knew to keep going in a circle)!


They told us later that they were a little nervous beforehand, but found one another backstage and gave each other a hug. That almost makes me cry thinking about it. I hope they always look out for each other like that.


We all went out for a special dinner after the recital. Michelle really earned that wine with her top-notch parenting performance this week. It is not easy getting two sick and cranky kids through dress rehearsals and a recital. She gets the parental championship belt this week.


Just a little more sugar. They earned it.


We made it home in time to watch the Derby. No one had much energy to do much else.


We lost Ally soon after. She gave it all she had, which is all we can ask, right?