Scenes from Saturday + A Cookie & A Show

It was audition week this past Tuesday for the spring theater production and Cecilia was a little nervous. I did my best to remain supportive and positive. This is not my strongest quality. I like to fix things. I like to practice and perfect things. Cecilia….has confidence in herself. I can only wish I had her confidence, even now, and I hope she never loses it.

Despite my perceived nitpicking, I am very proud of both kids and could probably do a better job of actually telling them that amidst my various notes on their tone, pitch, the dramatic arc of their show, their cake decorating technique or dough handling. Though they really should listen to me about the dough, I’m a fan of all of it. I’m rooting for them despite making them re-do that fraction problem. I believe in them even if I force them to empty the dishwasher. I’m proud of them every day.

Of course, Cecilia says she doesn’t need it but it can’t hurt.

Speaking of auditions and shows, there was no time for the couch this week (or a run) as we were off to NYC for the day.

Dash would be staying behind at the grand dog kennel.

Drove down to New Haven to catch the train. Only one more year where Cecilia is only a $1. Also spent some time explaining why so many stations are called Union Station.

The amount of crazy eyes increased the closer we moved to New York.

They are still at an age where an expensive, generic sleeping box is a strange and awesome experience.

After we pried the girls out of the hotel room, we hit the subway to head uptown. Good news, the girls are still young enough to have no problem loudly pointing out people doing or wearing things that you might not see at home.

Got lucky with the weather. It was cool, but not bitter cold and not snowing, so we walked around Central Park a bit. Or some of us walked. Some of us ‘legs hurt so bad.’

We checked out the view from Belvedere Castle.

Now, for the girls, the shows and the city itself is the big draw, but for me, it’s mostly about the eating so we were disappointed after walking so far our lunch spot was unexpectedly closed for a private party.

Side note, we stopped halfway down a random block to get a picture with this sign and had a very NYC experience. A guard near the door came out and I thought he was shooing us away. Turns out, he was inviting us inside to see the small food-focused gallery show. Quite apropos for us.

But that’s traveling. You gotta roll with it. We almost lost Ce to the hunger crank.

But ultimately, we rebounded and found a great alternative Mediterranean place a few blocks away. And we stuffed it. Falafel saved Ce.

Then a real treat. The girls first experience with a warm Levaine cookie. Ally is still talking about ‘that cookie.’

We walked off some of the food by hitting The Natural History Museum. It was our first look at the (sort of new) titanosaur.

After a quick stop back at the wonder palace (hotel room), it was time for … more eating before the show. We hit up a dumpling place just outside Times Square and the soup dumplings were a big hit with Ally. The steamed buns were also great. Best of all, it was insanely affordable.

And even with stretched stomachs, the girls wouldn’t let us go on without dessert. We hit up the Little Pie Shop for a slice of Mississippi Mud and Key Lime. Plus, we had a celebrity sighting. Celebrity for Michelle at least as a Broadway performer came in while we were eating.

Finally, it was time for the big event.

The girls (all three of them) loved it. The woman who played Elsa was really good and the big magical dress change lived up to expectations. I will say it’s pretty much impossible to re-create ice on stage which makes putting on a musical called Frozen a bit of a challenge.

Times Square was almost as hyper as the girls on the walk back.

I’m sure we’re going to pay for the late night on Sunday morning but that’s a problem for Sunday Dad to nitpick. It was a very filling Saturday.



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