Scenes from Saturday + 15!

Warning: no cute kid pictures this week or half-hearted parenting philosophy. I will keep it brief. We are celebrating our anniversary this weekend with a quick trip up to Burlington for food, breweries, and…whatever else people do in Vermont. Hike and shop for flannel, I suppose.

It’s been 15 years if you are playing along at home and over 22 since BC’s poor technical support led a girl to knock on a dork’s door for networking and computer help. We’ve now been together longer than we were ever apart. There’s a new way to feel old.

We did not start the day on the couch though we did receive this early morning text present. What better way to start your weekend away?!


No couch but the hotel did have a free communal coffee bar on each floor. Something I hadn’t seen in my travels before and way better than those weird single-serve room coffee makers. Croissants and jam also showed up later and disappeared quickly.


After filling up on free coffee, we hit up the nearby August First bakery where Michelle indulged her inner hipster and ordered avocado toast. She was rewarded with a thick slice of bread and a towering piece of veggie architecture topped with a ice cream-sized scoop of chevre. Burlington knows how to do hipster right.


Next, Michelle wanted to check off ‘hiking’ from our Vermont weekend bingo card. I want you all to remember this was her idea before I get to the pictures.

She brought four different pairs of shoes for the weekend but nothing that was quite right for hiking Mt. Philo’s ice and snow-covered uphill trail.


It took longer than expected but the views were pretty good.


Coming down was a bit more challenging and Michelle may have slid down at least 40% of the trail on her butt much to the delight of the locals powering past us wearing boots and spikes.


The important thing is we made it back down with no twisted ankles or broken bones and arrived at our lunch reservation (and first beers of the day) on time.

If you claim to have wood-fired pizza, I will be there. American Flatbreads you are legit. Great cheese blend. #pizzanerd


Much of the rest of the day was spent walking off the previous meal and waiting to eat the next one. We wandered through the main streets of Burlington marveling at the outdoor gear, flannel and Vermont pride. Michelle definitely caught the flannel bug. Sort of similar to how she gets the Hawaiian shirt bug in Maui. I talked her off the ledge more than once. She settled for a pair of flannel socks.

We had a great meal at Hen of the Wood on Friday but learned we had missed $1 oyster hour. Well, that’s what Saturdays are for! We made quick work of a dozen plus checked more Vermont beers off our list.


Plus, got a free taste of Cynar 70 after Michelle told the bartender about her family’s history with Campari and Cynar.


More walking. More flannel. More beards. Missed the tree lighting by a week.


It was a big noodle bowl kinda night. Also, the soup hydration help with all the beers.


Then it was pinball and ice cream to finish off the night.


After fifteen years, still wild and crazy as long as it’s before 9 pm.