Same Day Cast Iron Pan Pizza

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Two of my steadfast life rules:

First, I’ll eat anything you put in a tortilla. Second, everything tastes better when cooked in a cast iron skillet, including pan pizza.

I have many suburban memories of birthday parties, Pac-man arcade games, and hot pan pizza from Pizza Hut. Before the Hut went in the crapper.

This easy, same day cast iron pan pizza recipe tastes like 80s nostalgia in the best possible way. Also? It’s dead simple to make. And flexible. You can make the dough the same day or throw it in the fridge and use it three days later.

Did I mention it’s no knead, too?

This cast iron pan pizza is soft, airy, and chewy in the middle and crisp, golden, and crunchy by the crust. It’s the best of both worlds. Thick enough to support a heavy load of toppings, or fine just plain with sauce and cheese. Have it your way.


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