Run Fast. Eat Slow: Spelt Banana Bread Recipe

spelt banana bread from run fast, eat slow

We are deeply divided about bananas in our house. I will eat them in all forms and any ripeness. Michelle is the opposite. She has a very narrow window (slightly underripe), very narrow preparation (covered in dark chocolate) and very narrow state (frozen). Otherwise, she will actively refuse anything even slightly banana flavored.

So when I mentioned my intent not to let the last two quickly darkening bananas go to waste by trying the banana bread recipe in Run Fast. Eat Slow, she shrugged and wished me luck. Secretly, I was quite pleased as this potentially left me a lot more bread to gobble up on my own. Assuming that it tasted good. Did it? Let’s find out.


Unlike a few recipes in Run Fast, Eat Slow, this banana bread recipe includes almost all pantry staple. Almost. WTF is spelt flour?


Spelt flour has actually become quite popular in the last few years, but lacks kale and coconut oil’s PR team. You can likely find in your local supermarket store. Check wherever they keep the Bob’s Red Grain. If Bob’s makes it, it must be ok, right? Just look at his face.


What is spelt flour? Spelt is an ancient grain  in the wheat family. It looks very similar to wheat in appearance. It has a nutty and slightly sweet flavor, similar to that of whole wheat flour. Spelt’s rise to the popular kid in the grain class is because it is very tasty and easy to work into existing recipes. Spelt flour does contain gluten, which makes it very easy to substitute it into “regular” wheat cookie, bread, etc. recipes that would typically call for all purpose flour. By adding spelt, you’ll get the flavor and nutritional benefits of the whole grain flour without screwing up the texture of your baked good.


I’m just going to say it: mashed up ripe bananas do not look like something you want to eat. Quite the opposite, really. One note, the darker and riper the bananas that you can use, the sweeter the bread will ultimately be as this recipe does not use a lot of granulated sugar.

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Finish up the the wet ingredients. Cream up the sugar and butter and toss in the nasty looking bananas and vanilla.


Add the wet to the dry ingredients. Fold in any add-ins you might be using. This bread is a great way to use up the nubs and ends that might have accumulated in your cabinets. Just don’t exceed much more than a cup.

I used some dried tart cherries, toasted pecans, and mini chips. A little chocolate is always good in helping convince the girls to try something new that might be a little healthy.



Pour into your greased loaf pan and tap gently to get rid of air bubbles and smooth out the top. Bake!




We served this at breakfast with some houseguests and I received a little flak for baking “healthy” things, but half the loaf was gone before I could even get a picture.

This nutty, moist, not-too-sweet bread is perfect with your morning coffee or a great satisfying mid-afternoon snack to give you that energy boost to finish off the day.