Return to Running

Reunited and it feels…. Well it feels pretty damned good. I did my first run in almost three months today and my first since the hospital. My training calendar was beginning to look like a barren wasteland. Truthfully, I tried not to think about it. Not being able to exercise when it was such a key part of how I define myself was, and continues, to be very difficult. But after my one month post-hospital checkup, I was cleared to return to exercise and it was all I could do not to leave the office and try to run home.

Usually, after a sickness or a layoff, those first weeks back are a chest-burning grind to rebuild fitness and today was no different, but after how the last six months have gone and memories of having to stop and sit after only a mile, I was happy to huff and puff through four miles. Very happy. It’s amazing how the body can bounce back.

The challenge now will be not to overdo it. This is new territory and I need to tread lightly until my body is both fit again and I know how to read the signals of when I can do more and when I need to back off. The plan now is to take a few days off to recover, run again on the weekend and slowly ramp up the volume, but always taking a rest day in-between run for the first month.

Yes, I have this chronic disease, but I’m not sick. I’m still an athlete.


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