Quick & Easy Chocolate Funfetti Cupcakes

chocolate funfetti cupcakes
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I’m not usually a proponent of using box mixes. It’s often just as easy to mix up the ingredients yourself and skip the shelf stabilizers and other weird chemicals. But sometimes, life intervenes. You need a hack. You need chocolate funfetti cupcakes fast.

In that case, the box can be your friend. I don’t judge.

This recipe uses boxed chocolate cake mix and instant pudding as quick hacks to get these chocolate funfetti cupcakes in the oven fast.

Why instant pudding mix?
It’s like a flavor shot for your dessert. It bumps up the flavor while still keeping the cake super moist and soft. Don’t be limited to mixing chocolate and vanilla. Go crazy. The batter is your canvas.

I won’t claim the hack makes the funfetti cupcakes taste any better but topped with a light, whipped chocolate buttercream, no one was complaining. Least of all the birthday girl.

I tend to like my buttercream a little less sweet and a little more whipped. Feel free to adjust


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