Scenes from Saturday + Sparkle Paint

It was a cold, gray, damp blanket of a Saturday. We have packed agendas with First Communions and dance recitals the next two weekends, but this weekend was low key. One birthday party today, but nothing else on the docket.

Michelle had a surprise baby shower in the city yesterday, so I was flying solo most of the day. Any time this happens my main goal is to exhaust the kids so much that bedtime by 7 pm is not only logical, but an absolute necessity as the kids melt into a puddle of incoherent insanity. 

I started planning potential events and activities on Thursday to be sure I could sap the little monsters of their life force and have the wine opened by 7:15. Here’s how it all went down. Continue Reading

8 Tips for Better Uuni Pizza

This Christmas I added a new tool to my pizza arsenal: the Uuni 2s. The Uuni is a portable, wood-fired pizza oven. I’ve been eyeing an Uuni since the original launched on Kickstarter five years ago and Santa finally came through this year. With the weather finally warming, I’ve been able to give the oven a good test drive the last few weeks.

Ideally, I’d have the time, skill or money to put an outdoor oven in our backyard for bread and pizzas. We have a great spot for it, but let’s be realistic, saving for college is going to trump a pizza oven. Never say, never, though! In the meantime, the Uuni is a nice consolation and takes up way less space.

It also happens to make some great pizza, but it definitely takes a little time and practice. Continue Reading

Mile 10

2017 Boston elite men at mile 10

If you live near Boston you have a spot for Patriot’s Day. Our spot for the past ten years has been just past mile 10 outside Natick town center.

The girls and I spent 3 hours there today cheering the wheelchair athletes, the professional athletes, the disabled athletes and all the other types of athletes out there today running their dream.

Maybe some day I’ll be at mile 10 cheering one of my girls. You never know.

Here are some photos that capture the day and the mood at the greatest race in the world. Continue reading

Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

A much welcomed return to normal in training this week. Lots of sun and randomly warm weather led to lots of runs outside. I couldn’t help myself. I also made it back in the pool, albeit briefly, but the shoulder feels good two days later, so I’ll call that a success. Nine weeks until the triathlon. One week left in the build block, then 8 weeks of final sharpenin ….Some notes on the rest of the week. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + A New Bike!

After all the excitement last weekend with the invading hordes for the birthday party, this Saturday felt downright quiet. Make no mistake, it was still busy and exhausting, but not on the same level as last weekend. I didn’t need wine to survive or to crawl up the stairs to bed at the end of the night. 

After Cecilia’s “official” birthday on Thursday, we still had some birthday business to attend to, plus with Easter today and a First Communion next weekend, there was plenty on the to-do list. But we started, where else…on the couch….with some Full House. This episode involved a pig for some reason. Continue Reading

Recent Reads – March ’17

Some thrillers, a science fiction mystery, a non-fiction memoir about a botanist and a business how-to book (in-progress). Not a bad haul for my March reading. Lab Girl was the true stand out and if you are into sci-fi, I might recommend Six Wakes, but none of the thrillers really rose to the level of recommendation. The hunt continues….keep reading people….. Continue Reading