Mother’s Day + Annie!

Part of Cecilia’s birthday present, along with her faster-than-light pink bike, was tickets to Annie at the Wang in Boston. The fact that it was also Mother’s Day was just a happy coincidence and win-win for me.

I’m not sure why everyone we told assumed I was staying home. As if a man of my wit and wisdom couldn’t appreciate a classic Broadway musical.

Of course, I was going. I’d endured the cast recording and my children’s renditions for the past three weeks at the very least I could hear them live if only to verify that the Ally-approved lyric (sung at top volume) “bet your dollar bottom” was not, in fact, correct.

We started the day with waffles because 2 kids, careful measurements and piping hot metal couldn’t go wrong.

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Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

The week after a sickness derails a training plan is sometimes worse for me than the resting and waiting during the sickness. Getting back at it, working out the kinks and convincing your body that you actually want to do this can be frustrating and mildly demoralizing. You just need to push through it and trust that the fitness is still there under the rust and mucus (too much?). 

That was this past week for me. I was able to get back to working out, but it was in fits and starts while trying to finally put this hacking cold to rest.

Five weeks until the triathlon….some notes on the rest of the week.

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Scenes from Saturday + PVDonuts

We woke up to silence yesterday. The nice, tranquil kind of silence where you lie in bed and find meaning in the bird songs outside the window.

Not the kind of silence where you wonder if your kids are setting fire to the couch.

The kids were actually away overnight at the grandparents which meant that we could wake up, drink coffee and have a companionable conversation. We did not have to have breakfast with Bob Saget and his family. 

I could get used to mornings without slapstick and a laugh track.

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Wednesday Workout: Trail Running

Just one of those days this morning that no route that popped into my head had me excited to run. Even with the recent days off due to the this (slowly) improving cold, nothing felt right. I was also struggling to come up with a purpose for the workout beyond just the miles. I didn’t want to really push it with progressions, intervals or hills and risk backsliding on this cold. Nature eventually provided the answer: trails. 

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Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

Is it just me or does everyone have at least one lost week in a training block to sickness. Just me? Just those of us with kids that swim in the daily petri dish of public schools? I tried to gently work through a few things, but called it quits by the weekend to just try to beat back this hacking cough. Trying to look at it as a blessing. Forcing me to rest before a final push, but patience is hard!

Back at it next week, hopefully healthy. Six weeks until the triathlon….some notes on the rest of the week.

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Scenes from Saturday + A Dance Recital

We are in the thick of it people and it’s taking a toll. Last week was First Communion, this week was a dance recital and next week is Mother’s Day. Just to up the ante, we threw in a mid-week piano guild audition for Cecilia. 

As a kicker, both girls came down with colds whose primary symptom, beyond a fever and hacking cough, was whiplash mood changes.

I was terrified to make eye contact with them for three days.

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5 Ways to Fight a Cold So You Can Get Back to Running

5 Steps to Fighting off a cold

After all the partying this past weekend, Cecilia came down with a cold that kept her out of school the past two days. She was back at it today, but I started feeling crappy yesterday afternoon.

Michelle and I have very different reactions to feeling a cold coming on. She will try to bull her way through it. I basically go the opposite way. At the mere tickling of symptoms, an errant sneeze, I throw all the switches and do my best to head off any cold before it can get started.  Continue Reading