Never Look Back

They are gone. The house is quiet. Only the sound of the wind shaking the last drops of rain off the trees to keep me company. I can’t tell you it doesn’t sound like bliss nice right now.

We survived the first morning. It ran the roller coaster of emotions, from sleepy breakfast eaters to hair brushing banshees, but in the end everyone (mostly) remembered their parts and we were able to get out the door and down to the bus stop without strangling each other.

Ally was happy to show off her shiny new backpack and head off to one last year at pre-school.

Cecilia was her usual mix of bristling nerves and confidence, but when the time came she shed our hugs quickly and charged onto the bus with her friends. The door closed and the bus was off to the next stop.

Third graders don’t look back. She was ready to go.



Scenes from Saturday + Tomatoes!

It’s coming. I can just about hear the diesel rumble and smell that burning oil as the bus driver climbs our hill to whisk the kids away. The crunching thunk of that door closing is one of the sweeter sounds of the season. 

I’m sure I’ll miss the girls in two weeks, but I’m ready to get back to the school routine. I’m just tapped out. I’m out of swim games. I’m out of crafts. I’m out of clever eye spy objects. I’m out of bourbon. It’s time.

Ah late August, the Sunday night of summer.

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Cape Cod Whale Watch

One of the unexpected highlights of our week long Cape vacation was definitely the whale watch from Provincetown. We’d done a few (pre-kids) East Coast whale watches from Gloucester and Mystic with mixed to meh results, so my expectations were not high, but it would be a good adventure for the kids and kill three hours, either way. Never underestimate the power of a time-killing event is a key parenting lesson. Continue Reading

5 Effective Ways to Train on the Cape Cod Rail Trail

The Cape Cod Rail Trail follows a former railroad right-of-way (it was operational and transported passengers and freight to Cape Cod in the early 1800s until around 1960) for 25 miles through the towns of Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet.

It’s a paved path, well maintained with very few hills. It’s a great way to see the (non-beach) scenery of the mid-Cape.

It’s also a good way to work off that lobster roll and get a little exercise while you are on vacation. 

Here are my tips for 5 effective ways to get in a quality training session using the Cape Cod Rail Trail. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + a Fashion Show!

We’ve crossed the Rubicon, people. Up until now, despite occasional adventures with the Tanner family, the girls’ television habits have been all animation, all the time. But thanks to Netflix algorithms, they’ve recently discovered live action Disney shows and I am now living with little clones of Liv, Maddie and Jessie. One of Dante’s circles should have been reserved for pre-adolescent plot lines and kid show theme songs. I’ve been earning those boat drinks. Continue Reading

Blueberry Picking at Jane + Paul’s Farm

I might have to put up with mediocre pizza (at best) and a lot of homogenous chain restaurants out in the suburbs, but one thing I’ll never complain about is the amount of farms and preserved land. The fact that we have 200 acres of trails and woodlands at the end of our street is almost priceless.

There are also numerous working farms nearby. We have been happy customers and CSA members of nearby Tangerini’s for years and have happily watched it grow and prosper. Jane and Paul’s Farm is actually the closest farm to us and just about within walking distance, but it can often get overlooked in the shadow of some of the larger neighboring farms. It shouldn’t be. At least not for it’s blueberries. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + Cape Redux

We were back on the Cape again, but this time for a whole week. Typically, we go down for the weekend or a long weekend and mostly stay around Brewster and the condo. Pool. Beach. Boat drinks. It’s a good weekend.

With the big California trip last year, we were laying low this summer. No big trip. No 6 foot furry animals. We would spend a week on the Cape and do all the touristy things we shun during our usual weekend trips. Michelle even had a list. But first, we had friends down for the initial weekend. Boat drinks would definitely be on the agenda. Continue Reading