Scenes from Saturday + Baking

For the first time in almost a month, no birthday parties on the calendar for the kiddos this weekend. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a party on the agenda though, as Michelle is off right now at an 80’s party school fund raiser. Since there were costumes involved, I volunteered to stay home with the kids and save the babysitter money.

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Book Notes: Lab Girl by Hope Jahren


This is one of those books that I count as a happy surprise. If I had stumbled across it in a store or at the library, I would not have been likely to pick it up. A book on plants crossed with the memoir of a geobotanist? Just completely outside my typical areas of interest.

But here is where book club saved me. I was looking for some non-fiction and something we hadn’t read before as a group. This certainly qualified and with some hesitancy, I added it to the our list. I’m glad I did. Everyone liked it. Continue Reading

Workout Wednesday: Free Ride

Woke up to this email sitting on top of the stack: “Participant update: 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.” Whoa. That will make it all feel real. Not that I’d forgotten, but it’s been a couple months now since I signed up and I’m hip deep in spring triathlon training, so it had drifted to the back of my mind. Now, with a little flutter in my stomach, it’s jumped back to the front.

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3 Rules for Running When Sick

I’ve been fighting a sinus cold the last few days. Actually almost a week now, this sucker is really holding on. The dead legs I had for my long ride on Saturday? Turns out they might no have just been fried from the mid-week hills and interval workouts. It’s more likely I was half-fried and half-getting sick. Which leads me to the constant runner conundrum: do I continue to work out or do I sit it out until I’m better? Continue Reading

Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

The week started with both Michelle and I battling some sort of low grade stomach virus which never took us completely offline but had us feeling pretty crappy. The week ended with a snow storm (with more apparently on the way) and temperatures in the single digits. Even though it’s technically now spring, after a full week of indoor-only training, I’m ready to get back outside…..Some notes on the rest of the week. Continue Reading

Scenes from Saturday + 80’s prep

What was supposed to be a very busy day merely turned into a busy day. I had planned to drive into the city to pick up a desk and chair off craigslist, but we had it sniped away from us at the last minute. The perils of used furniture shopping. The quest to fill out the living room continues.

The upside was that not having to drive to Cambridge opened up the morning a bit and suddenly squeezing in a trainer ride wasn’t going to be such a logistical feat. Plus, there was another birthday party. It appears we are in peak birthday season for Allison. This is her third in 2 weeks. Here’s what the rest of the day looked like… Continue Reading

Some Brief Notes on Cooking Octopus

Maybe it’s because I married into a Sicilian family or maybe I just have a real affinity for Mediterranean food, but when I mention that I’ve cooked octopus the last two weekends, I’ve received some interesting looks. I didn’t realize most people don’t even attempt to eat octopus, never mind cook it. Maybe at a restaurant, but definitely not at home. But they should. It tastes great, it couldn’t be easier to prepare and it’s not as expensive as a lot of other seafood. 

Here are some notes from my recent octopus cooking adventures. Continue Reading