Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

This week was a reminder that a training plan is a guide not a map. I do this because I enjoy it and I think it improves my life. When family and training intersect, I’m going to choose family. This week my daughter made her first communion and we had a lot of prep to do and family in town visiting. Training took a back seat. I’m okay with that.

At this point, many of the fitness gains have been banked and missing a day or two is not going to scuttle my race. Will probably help.

Back at it next week. Seven weeks until the triathlon. Hoping to get a new FTP measured this week ….Some notes on the rest of the week.

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Scenes from Saturday + A First Communion

Yesterday the house was full and buzzing with excitement, cousins, cake and Dave Coulier jokes.

If you think a house full of guests, warm weather, the promise of presents and a sacrament would keep the girls from their Saturday morning tradition of breakfast on the couch and some Full House, you sorely underestimate the allure of Bob Saget and his fictional family. This week Michelle was very worried about the size of her feet. 

Here are some some quick pics as I recover from the weekend in my pajamas at 3:30.

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Workout Wednesday: Foam Rolling

During the training for my first marathon, I really dedicated to doing all the right things to finish the race, hit my goal and stay injury-free. I managed to do all three. Not an easy feat if you’ve ever put in the time and effort to train for a long endurance race.

I attribute most of that success to the ability to train consistently over time. And I attribute that success to really dedicating to the little strength exercises pre and post run and to almost daily foam rolling sessions. Continue Reading

Training Recap + Other Pocket Lint

A great week of running and biking. Seven days straight. Some careful naps. Some rolling. No fatigue or Addison warning signs. Just some smart training that left me feeling good at the end of the week. Tired, but that good sort of tired.

The only negative was my shoulder reacting poorly to the short swim. At this point, with only one triathlon on the calendar before turning my attention to the marathon, I’m just going to gut through it. It doesn’t hurt when I swim. It’s more after. I’ll do some light swimming and the previous rehab exercises when this flared up last time.  

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Scenes from Saturday + Sparkle Paint

It was a cold, gray, damp blanket of a Saturday. We have packed agendas with First Communions and dance recitals the next two weekends, but this weekend was low key. One birthday party today, but nothing else on the docket.

Michelle had a surprise baby shower in the city yesterday, so I was flying solo most of the day. Any time this happens my main goal is to exhaust the kids so much that bedtime by 7 pm is not only logical, but an absolute necessity as the kids melt into a puddle of incoherent insanity. 

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8 Tips for Better Uuni Pizza

This Christmas I added a new tool to my pizza arsenal: the Uuni 2s. The Uuni is a portable, wood-fired pizza oven. I’ve been eyeing an Uuni since the original launched on Kickstarter five years ago and Santa finally came through this year. With the weather finally warming, I’ve been able to give the oven a good test drive the last few weeks.

Ideally, I’d have the time, skill or money to put an outdoor oven in our backyard for bread and pizzas. We have a great spot for it, but let’s be realistic, saving for college is going to trump a pizza oven. Never say, never, though! In the meantime, the Uuni is a nice consolation and takes up way less space.

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