Our 2017 in Photos

One reason I write this blog is to time travel. Each Saturday that passes will never be repeated. The girls get a little older and a little farther away from me. One day they won’t want me to take their picture, never mind post it on the Internet. How embarrassing.

So I write it all down. To make myself pay attention. I’m not always great about being present. I’m trying, but some days are hard. 

The old saw is the days are long, but the years are short. It’s true, of course. But here’s the thing: grandparents and friends with older kids, they forget.

Sometimes the days are really long. Really, really long. You start the day with every intention of being a great Dad and being present and noticing all the little things, but by 8 a.m. your shirt is crusted with breakfast bits, you’ve negotiated three arguments, the dog has thrown up and you’re looking for the nearest closet to hide in.

They forget.

And I forget those sweet little connective bits that stop you from strangling them nine times a day. The sly smiles. The random hugs. The inadvertently inappropriate hilarious comment.

So I write it all down so I don’t forget and one day I’ll travel back in time and marvel at how small they used to be.

It’s already happening. I spent this week going through all the Saturday photos and picked some of my favorites from the past year. 

Here is a quick slide show if you feel like time traveling with me.




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