Oath Craft Pizza

Every time I go into the city for work, I pass by the Oath kiosk in South Station. I’m also a huge pizza geek, yet somehow had never stopped in to try the pies. That changed last night. On the way to the Lake Street Dive show, we needed a quick dinner and the Chestnut Hill location was in a perfect spot.

Oath Craft Pizza is a small local Massachusetts chain that started on Nantucket and has expanded to the mainland in the last few years. According to Boston Eater they have some big backers and some big plans beyond just Boston.


Oath’s elevator pitch is personal pizzas (full-sized is 11 inches, a 6 inch half is also available) made to order, you can create your own or choose from the menu, and cooked in 90 seconds. 

Any discussion of the end product has to start with the dough and resulting crust. They use some type of par-baked crust, load up the toppings and send it through the oven. It comes out hot and fast. 



The par-baking (this is my assumption) helps with the speed and keeps the fresh ingredients from really soaking the dough during cooking and turning the middle soggy. I was impressed by both the thinness of the crust and it’s stability. It held up well under my fresh veggies. 


The David


The crust is the most unique part. The website basically says it’s flour, avocado oil and a secret formula. Good marketing, but good end product? Personally, I like my crust on the chewier side. More New York, than Neapolitan. This was really neither. It’s thin, yes, and has some chew, but it’s closer almost to a pastry than a traditional pizza crust. Michelle said it reminded her of funnel cake without the sweetness. Maybe the par-baking is flash frying? It certainly doesn’t taste bad, but it doesn’t totally taste like what most people would consider pizza dough. Is that a good or a bad thing? Probably up to you. The place was busy, so they are doing something right.



Overall, the staff was very friendly, the place was clean, if a little small. They also offered indie fountain drinks, along with some bottled drink options. Peeking at the next table over, the salads looked pretty good. The salad/half pie would be a good lunch option. We didn’t try it, but they also offer a chocolate cookie dessert pizza, which I’m would be decadent and I’d imagine a good fit for the dough. 

The other big menu category is the breakfast pizza. I’m a huge sucker for breakfast pizzas, so this might entice me to try it again on my way in to work, but if I’m in the Chestnut Hill area and craving pizza again, I’d likely go across the street to Frank Pepe’s. However if I’m in the city and looking for a pizza lunch that won’t put me in a coma, I’d try Oath again.



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