No Knead Chocolate Chunk Walnut Bread

No Knead Chocolate Walnut Bread

It’s hard to improve fresh baked bread but how about adding chocolate? This chocolate walnut bread is great for a sweet breakfast treat or a nice pick-me-up as a mid-afternoon snack.

Using Lahey’s no knead method it is simple and easy and very beginner friendly. It’s flexible and forgiving enough to be adapted with different flour or spice combinations. Best of all it tastes delicious no matter where or how you eat it. It’s a great variation on the classic no knead recipe.


If you are familiar with the classic Lahey method popularized in The New York Times then you already know how to make this bread. Mix the ingredients the night before with a scant amount of yeast and cool water. Let it proof and ferment overnight, up to 18 hours, to add more complex flavor.

Shape the loaves for a second proof and then bake in a ripping hot Dutch oven.





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