My Favorite Reads of Summer ’19

Went by the library today (one of my favorite things to do – I just like being surrounded by books) and dropped off the last of my vacation books and then realized the summer reading season is over. Sadly, summer is never long enough to get through all the books I want. Truth be told, I actually don’t love reading on the beach or by the pool in the summer. It’s just too hot and bright. Still I managed to get through a pile of books. I took a look back at the books I read since the kids got out of school until the bus came this past week.

Here are my favorites as we head into fall:


Just a devastating novel in the best way. I’m not anxious to revisit it but I’m not likely to forget it anytime soon. It neatly and deftly straddles the line between mystery and literary and completely lived up to the near universal praise it’s received. Plus, I learned quite a bit about HBOT therapy.

TEAR IT DOWN by Nick Petrie

Really happy to have found this series last year. This is the fourth Peter Ash thriller and the series keeps improving. It doesn’t do anything new (reluctant ex-military hero with issues) but it just does everything that’s expected in the genre really well.

LESS by Sean Andrew Greer

I’ll be honest, this starts a bit slow and I didn’t immediately relate to many of the characters or the circles they inhabited but I listened on audio and I’m glad it ‘forced’ me to keep at it. This half-satire, half romance, half screwball comedy really won me over in the end. The chapter in Germany still cracks me up just thinking about it.

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I think the long-running Prey series is more popular, but I’ve really come to appreciate Sandford’s Virgil Flowers series. It’s like collapsing into a favorite chair or bar stool at the end of the day. It’s relaxing. Sandford is a pro and this thriller series juggles tones, from comedy, to thriller, to mystery so well without dropping the ball on the plot that I just can’t get enough.

DEEP WORK by Cal Newport

Another audio listen but one that had me hooked from the start. This book provides some great insights and tactics for learning to concentrate better and longer and really tap into your ability to focus and get big things done.

THE LIBRARY BOOK by Susan Orlean

I like almost everything Orlean writes back to her New Yorker and Orchid Thief days and even when this book meanders it does so in the most interesting ways. Don’t let the elevator pitch about the LA Library fire sway you, this book is really about how and why we use libraries, their importance to the community, and how they continue to evolve and thrive.


What great book did you read this summer?

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