Metrowest Places: Country Kitchen Coffee & Donuts

Country Kitchen Coffee and Donuts Millis

You really only need to know two things about Country Kitchen. They’ve been around for almost 50 years and they continue to thrive as a coffee and donut joint right next to a Dunkin’ Donuts. Their secret really isn’t hard to suss out, either: a small selection of products made by hand with quality ingredients. The friendly and efficient service doesn’t hurt either.

While the original location in Walpole has been around for half a century, there is now a new location in Millis right off 109 near Ryan Family Amusements and I’m happy to report that they’ve brought all the same qualities that made the original location a success to this new venture. This more convenient location might be bad news for my waistline but good news for breakfast fans.


The new location is on the end of the plaza with the Harkey’s Liquors. It is bright and airy and inviting. It’s very convenient for folks commuting up 109 but also feels like the type of place you might want to linger and not have to grab ‘n go.

The coffee menu is the standard options without being overwhelming (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino). There are flavor options but the best thing to know is that during peak hours the coffee is always fresh and hot. Those are my two basic requirements for caffeine. They do offer some cold drinks via a cooler, too.


Again, keeping things simple, there are four egg sandwich options which you can get on a couple varieties of bread, muffins or bagels. My egg and cheese was made fresh (no weird microwave egg substrate here) and came out quickly on toasted multi-grain. Reasonably priced and ready quickly, this is definitely my primary reason to go back.

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The kids loved the big, double fist sized muffins and all I heard some quiet munching in the back seat for a solid ten minutes. The counter person told us just about everything was made in-house.


We also tried a donut and given the quality of the rest of the items we might just have caught a dud batch. The chocolate cake donut was a little dry and light on the glaze. It wasn’t terrible and was still tasty just not up to the standards of the other items we ordered. I think we’ll need to go back and sample a few more just to make sure!


In summary, I’m very happy to have this new location of a New England institution open up nearby. Whether you are headed toward 95 or 495, it is a great place to grab a quick caffeine or sugar fix on your way to work or the start of a summer road trip.


Or, if you have more time, order an egg sandwich, read the paper, or catch up on the local town gossip, in the dining room. We’ll be back, probably many times, when we need a quick breakfast on the go.