Metrowest Places: 5 Wits Foxboro

5 Wits Foxboro escape rooms

Dark rooms, music, fog machine, lasers. Nope, we were not desperately reliving our clubbing days in a weird post-40 crisis. We were doing the Espionage escape room in Foxboro. This was our first experience with escape rooms. How did it go? Was it better than clubbing? Should you take your kids?

Open at Patriot Place since 2010, 5 Wits Foxboro features two 60 minute, eight-room escape adventures. Along with Espionage there is a 20,000 Leagues experience. These are “guided” escape rooms. You go with a live performer who improvises with the group. 

While we had one experience escape room participant in the group, it was helpful to have the guide along to sort of prod us in the right direction or remind us of the “story” we were following.


Each attraction features interactive puzzles, challenges, and special effects that react and adjust to the group’s actions and outcomes.

We were one of the first group’s of the day and I think this was a good call. This is a popular birthday place, especially with boys and I could see the waiting area and even the experience getting crowded and rushed later in the day. 

The employees and performers were all very nice and very good at staying in character and it starts as soon as you get your tickets punched.


After checking in, we started the experience with a briefing on our goals, meeting our guide, and of course, disabling the “bugs” that were listening in. This was the espianoge experience, after all. The evil CABAL Corporation was threatening to launch a false flag event, inciting worldwide chaos… unless our team of agents could find the mole and stop them!


After the briefing, things got started and this is where things started to go south for our group. At least for the younger kids. The next room featured a (fake) elevator that got stuck and then crawling through an air duct with security lasers. This proved a bit too scary for the 6 year olds and they bailed out. We lost the 8 year old in the next room, too. Cecilia, almost 10, stuck it out.

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The puzzles and challenges varied. Some were physical, like avoiding the lasers. Some were logic, like a game of mastermind. Others were just searching for hidden items.

The puzzles were a good mix. I think most adults would figure them out but they were definitely challenging for kids.

The effects and stage dressing we’re very good. On par with a Disney ride. I wouldn’t call it cheap by any means. If anything, they were too realistic given the young kids couldn’t take even one room.


Our guide was great. Helpful, but unobtrusive, and always in character.

It was a fun experience. The friends we went with told us the other experience, 20,000 Leagues, is less intense with the effects and more appropriate for younger kids. 

A single ticket is $19. Thought a combo for both adventures is just $25 and can be used on different days. Seems like a good deal. I’m not sure how big the window is to use the second experience.


Big kudos to 5 Wits for giving us additional tickets to come back when the kids bailed early in the adventure. That’s customer service.

Should have perhaps paid more attention to the signs!


There are drinks and snacks on site but given its location in the mall, it’s just as easy to get those elsewhere.

Overall, we enjoyed the experience. We had no other experience with escape rooms but I’d probably term this escape room lite. You get a guide and the focus is more on the story and the experience than the puzzles or the time limits.

It might be a good introduction to these experiences to see if you were contemplating a more intense one. 

It would make a good vacation week experience but you might try 20,000 Leagues if you have young kids.



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