Lloyd Long Pan Pizza Review

lloyd long pizza pans

There are many different kinds of pizza. Different doughs. Different toppings. But they are always squares or circles, right? What about rectangles? Narrow ones. I’ve been baking long, skinny Sicilian pies with Lloyd long pizza pans now since the end of January and my only regret is that I didn’t order more.

I can’t remember now where I first saw the long pizza pan mentioned but I was instantly hooked. I love making Sicilian-style pies and friends and family love eating them. These are great for parties or large gatherings and offer a unique look and an easy way to cut and serve.

My one complaint about making traditional half sheet pan Sicilians at home is wrestling them out of the pan and slicing can sometimes be an ordeal. These long pans from Lloyd eliminate that nagging problem (more of an annoyance) and turn making Sicilian or Detroit pizza into even, dare I say, a weeknight dinner delight.

The pizzas typically slide easily out of the pan without too much effort and the size isn’t overwhelming or threatening to flop off the counter. If you’ve loaded on the cheese, then the effort of freeing the lacy, crispy edges is totally worth it. The skinny rectangle is then a breeze to cut up with a large knife, rocker, or pizza wheel.

The long pan pizza pan series comes in three sizes: 12, 18, or 27 inches. I went with the 18-inch one and two fit nicely in a home oven on a rack.

lloyd long pizza pans

You can order covers and cutting boards, too, if you want but I’ve found a standard kitchen block cutting board or wood pizza peel works fine for the 18-inch pies. The cover might come in handy for proofing but so far multiple sheets of plastic wrap and tea towels have worked fine for me.

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The pans are solid aluminum and made in the US. These don’t feel cheap. They’ve been durable and easy to clean, so far. And I don’t baby my pans.

While some Lloyd pans are available for ordering on Amazon, these specialty pans were not. I ordered online direct from the company. The price of the pans is $23 for the 12 inch, $27 for the 18, and $38 for the 27, plus the cost of shipping.

Shipping was quick and the pans arrived in good shape and have held up well. I don’t regret paying a slight premium for a well-made, domestic product that delivers on exactly what it promises: high-performance results from an excellent pan.

These long pans are great for taking your pizza parties to the next level with a fun and unique shape without a gimmick. These long pizza pans from Lloyd Pans offer a new way to make great pizza.


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