Hope & Winky’s Cookies

Hope and Winky Cookies

I wasn’t really looking for a homemade dog biscuit recipe, I’ve got more than enough treats on my to-bake list already, but one came looking for me anyway and it proved to be a great father/daughter project for Ally, my dog lover. And judging by Dash’s reaction, it worked out alright for him, too.

I tried homemade dog biscuits with our first dog, Lola, twice when I was feeling particularly paternal (this was before the kiddos arrived making that a permanent feeling). I remember each time distinctly because I was in no rush to repeat the recipe. The first one involved lots of raw meat that had to be formed and cooked. The second attempt involved a smell so ghastly that it lingered in the house for days. It should be noted in neither episode did my discomfort stop Lola from snarfing down all the treats.

Julia Turshen’s Small Victories has quickly become one of my favorite cookbooks of the last few years. Check out episode 76 of Bon Appetit’s podcast to hear more about the cookbook and Julia’s background involving Batali, Gwyneth and Ina Garten.

I enjoy cookbooks that give you a little peek or insight into the human side of the recipes and each Small Victory recipe is a little story setting up the recipe. I also like the call outs to the shortcuts or adaptions (the small victories) and the overall approachable nature of each dish. When I saw the book included recipes for the whole family, including the dog, I knew it was only a matter of time before I tried it.

Mix equal parts smooth peanut butter, stock (your choice) or water, rolled oats and a cup of cornmeal. Add a quarter cup or so of olive oil and a dash of salt. Mix and mash together. Make into golf balls. Place on cookie sheet. You can leave as balls or smoosh them a little into discs. We smooshed.

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Kids are good at those last parts. Bake at 350 for twenty minutes or so and cool on the pan.


Try to keep the dog from leaping on to the counter to eat!

These were dead simple to make and Allison was very excited to help and to be making something for Dash. Each ingredient is something you probably have in your pantry right now and better yet it’s something you know and can pronounce and is equally good for your dog. Wins all around!

The finished product were a bit delicate, be sure to let them cool, and crumbly, but Dash was a big fan. Sure, he’ll eat anything off the floor and sometimes out on the trails, but he is oddly discerning with treats. He consistently turns them down at the vets and from strangers, on occasion, so I’m taking his enthusiasm as a big thumbs up for the recipe.


And yes, I’ll admit, we both might have tried a little nibble of a finished biscuit. I still prefer a chocolate chip cookie, but they weren’t bad at all.



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