Homemade Ice Cream Bon Bons

homemade ice cream bon bons

This quick and easy dessert hits the trifecta for me. It’s quick and easy. It’s a great kid’s activity. It’s perfect for a crowd.

Despite being quick and easy to pull together, just quick hands, these ice cream bon bons make a big impression. They are different from the usual plate of cookies or brownies and looks far more fancy and elegant than the effort put into them. Hard to beat that!

You could certainly up the ante by making your own ice cream and getting fancy with the toppings, but you can also make it easy and go the store-bought route. That’s what we did last week when we made these for our dominoes get together. Any time you put candy bars in the cart you are going to get the girls’s attention.

While the hands on time and effort is low, you do need to set aside some wait time to keep everything cold and frozen.

Start by putting a pan (or two) in the freezer with some wax or parchment paper. Small quarter sheet pans are perfect. Leave the pans in there for 30 minutes or so.

When the pans are ready, taking one pan out at a time and working quickly, scoop out rounded tablespoons of your favorite ice cream, shape and place on the sheet pan. Place back in freezer to re-firm for 30-60 minutes. You don’t want to rush this part. Make sure they re-freeze.


Also, be careful that any helpers don’t help themselves to too many samples!

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Get those candy bars out and prep your toppings by throwing each in the food processor. We found that the candy that you can process finer sticks better. We’d rethink anything with caramel next time. Oreos worked well. I think Butterfinger would be better than Payday. Plain toasted nuts and shredded coconut worked well, too.


Again, working quickly, and with one tray at at time, rolls the frozen ice cream in the toppings and place back on the pans. Get them back in the freezer as quickly as you can!


To take it to the next level, you can also try dipping some of the frozen bon boss in melted chocolate and sprinkling some toppings on top. That can quickly get messy, but I guarantee those will be the first ones gone!


Don’t forget that getting your kids to wash the dishes is a good life lesson.