Holiday Book Matching Recommendations

Book matches for anyone on your holiday gift list

Need a last minute gift? Try a book. Want to try to go beyond the best-seller lists or what’s laid out on the tables at CostCo? Here are some recommendations based on the type of person you might have in your life.


For the person that likes Ken Burn’s documentaries….

Maybe it’s your Dad or maybe it’s your Uncle, but someone in your loves PBS and has watched just about everything Ken Burn’s has done. If you know someone that loves Burn’s sweeping scope and narrative talent in describing history, they might like one of these books:





For the person that checks ESPN more than 10 times a day….

If you have a sports nut that thinks cable channels only include the ESPN family of networks, they might like one of these recent sports books and memoirs. I really enjoyed the Tiger Woods biography. One, I had almost forgot just how dominant he was. Two, I didn’t fully realize just how warped he likely was by his upbringing. Third, it actually gave me a modicum of sympathy for him somehow.






For the person that wishes they could open a restaurant….

If you have a foodie in your life or somehow that especially enjoys A Chef’s Life or other cooking/restaurant lifestyle shows (though not perhaps Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), they will surely love these tell-all accounts and memoirs about what it takes to become a chef or work the line at a busy restaurant.





For the person that likes BBC crime shows…..

Some times you just need a break from all the American violence. The folks across the pond are just as depraved, but they do it with funny spellings, lots of pub visits, and usually worse weather.

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For the person that wishes they could travel more….

I’m sure there are great travel memoirs (maybe Bill Bryson) or non-fiction written about many wonderful places. I haven’t read them. I haven’t really traveled as much as I’d like to one day, but I have visited many countries through mystery novels. You could explore Italy, Norway, and the Australian outback with these three novels/series. No passport or knee-crushing plane ride required.





For the person that likes to binge watch Netflix….

Some people have addictive personalities. They like to burn through an entire Netflix season in one or two days. Not me. I can’t stay awake past 10. One, maybe two eps, and I’m done. You won’t get through all the books in these series in a day or two, but you won’t regret the extra time it takes.





You never know where the gift of a book might lead. Whether it’s a thrilling mystery or a fantasy adventure to imaginary lands, a biography or memoir with lessons from history, or something entirely different, a book always has the power to ignite curiosity, spark emotions, and open opportunity. 

When you give someone a book, it’s always personal. It always has thought behind it. Out of all the vast possibilities of gifts to give, you picked out one book for one friend.

They might not read it right away. Or even read in a year, but one day, maybe when they really need it, it will be sitting on the shelf and waiting.That’s the power of a book.