Easy No Knead Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread

Easy No Knead Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread

I am a big sucker for any baked good or bread that can pull double duty as both a breakfast or dessert item. This easy no knead cinnamon swirl raisin bread definitely qualifies. Baked as a sandwich loaf, it slices up easily for morning toast or offers just enough sweetness to work as a treat with afternoon coffee or tea. This bread is in regular rotation at our house as both the  kids and the wife love slathering it with butter or peanut butter in the morning.

The dough requires little handling to no handling. This is some cinnamon and sugar mixed into the dough, so if you don’t want to add the additional swirls, you can simply dump it from the overnight proofing bowl directly into the prepared pan for a second proof.

If you gain in confidence and do want to try the swirl, the dough is wet, but manageable. I like to gently spread it out, put on the cinnamon and brown sugar, then roll it up and fold it in half to fit the pan.

Don’t be afraid of the cinnamon and sugar layer. You’re going to need a lot if you want a really visible swirl. You’ll see in the photos below that my swirl is very subtle. I didn’t want to load up the bread with too much extra sugar. Homeschooling kids is hard enough without them being hyper!

Note: this uses a lot more yeast than typical no knead recipes because cinnamon is a spice that inhibits the yeast growth so we gotta push the envelope. Make sure you use a large container for the over night proof.

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Keep the total flour to 3.5 cups but you can mix in some whole wheat or use AP flour if you don’t have bread flour.

This is a great recipe for the novice or new bread baker. It has a simple preparation and simple ingredients. Only 7 of them. And one is water!

It takes less than 15 minutes of prep, is very forgiving, doesn’t require a lot of handling and makes the perfect bread for toast, sandwiches, french toast, and everything in between.