Easy & Healthy Banana Bread

There is a divide in our house and it revolves around when bananas are actually ripe. Maybe that’s not quite right. The divide is around when bananas are good to eat.

Michelle says almost never (she carries long-lasting scars from childhood medicine that was banana-flavored). My kids both only like them when are still tinged with green and “taste more like an apple.” Um, okay.

I like them spotted but still firm. No one likes them when they are brown and resemble plantains. That is the time for banana bread.

There is almost nothing I like more for breakfast than a slab of warm, toasted banana bread. But as easy as the recipe is, banana bread is often royally screwed up.

Maybe it’s too much sugar, or not the right bananas, or overmixing. I’m not sure. You want your bananas pretty far gone (just no mold) and very black for good banana bread.

What is a Quick Bread?

Banana bread is a quick bread and follows “the muffin method.” If you master the muffin method, you can bake just about anything that doesn’t involve creaming. The key to the muffin method is NOT to overmix. If you overmix, you’ll get banana cake with a nice uniform interior. A muffin is less regular and has a coarser crumb.

The muffin method broadly involves four steps:

  1. Sift or whisky all your dry ingredients together
  2. Wisk all your wet ingredients together, this includes any fat or sugar
  3. Add the wet to the dry and mix until just combined
  4. Put the batter in the pan

How to make banana bread healthier?

Unfortunately if I indulged in a slice of banana bread everyday for breakfast, my waistline would eventually protest. Banana bread is good but it is typically loaded with sugar and oil or other fats.

How do we keep the recipe simple but make it a little more healthy?

  • swap in whole grain or nut-based flour
  • swap in maple syrup, agave, or honey for granulated sugar
  • swap the fat for a less refined and healthier oil