Dark Chocolate Sugar Cookies

dark chocolate sugar cookies
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These simple, one bowl dark chocolate sugar cookies are a simple twist on the classic confection that come together quickly and offer a satisfying double hit for either a chocolate or a cookie craving.

I was on the hunt for a cookie recipe to bake for a neighborhood block party. I wanted something easy and quick but offered something a little unique. Something that went beyond the usual chocolate chip contribution.

The classics have their place, of course, but I wanted something that showed I put in a little thought and effort. Just not too much effort. These cookies had to fit in and around conference calls, school bus pickup, and dance drop-offs.

Hello, dark chocolate sugar cookies. These cookies had everything I was looking for, plus, they are a great potential palette for spooky sprinkles or other Halloween decorations.

Straightforward and unfussy, these cookies are rich without being bitter, crispy on the edges but still gooey in the center.


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