Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

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Such a no-brainer idea. Why make a bunch of small, insignificant individual chocolate chip cookies when you can make one giant, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie pie? Warning: it’s probably best to make this with other people around. I am not liable if you eat the whole pie yourself.

If you want to make it even more decadent, you could add some frosting. 

Easier than a cake. Easier than a pie. It’s a cookie. In a pie dish.

If you own a pie plate, you likely have all the baking ingredients you need in your cupboards. Less than 10 ingredients and probably less than 10 minutes to get this giant cookie percolating in the oven (discounting that pesky room temperature butter – but you know the shortcuts, right?).


Butter and sugars in one bowl. Flour, salt, baking soda in another. Save a couple teaspoons of the flour mixture.


Cream the butter and sugar with some hand beaters. It’s not really enough to use a stand mixer.


Add the vanilla. Throw in the egg. Mix to combine, then add the dry ingredients.


I like to use a mix of different chips. Toss with the reserved flour. This will help the chips not sink all to the bottom of the pie.


Spread you batter into a greased 9-inch pie plate. Sprinkle some extra chips on top.


Bake till the edges set and the top is a golden brown. About 20 minutes. It’s better to be conservative and take it out early.

Try to let it cool.


We took this to a party (the party had a grilled cheese bar!) and used the threat of not getting a piece as a cudgel to keep the kids behaving until it was time for dessert.

We warmed it up for a few minutes and added some vanilla ice cream. No one was disappointed. Except maybe me. There were no leftovers to take home.



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