Cheese & Herb No Knead Bread

Cheese and bread. Can you find better friends? Okay, maybe cookies and milk but still, cheese and bread have been besties for a serious long time. And they show no signs of getting tired of each other. They work great in the traditional no knead recipe. This is another simple, easy, foolproof bread recipe that is great at using up various nubs of fridge deli drawer cheese. Take it up a notch by throwing in some age spice cabinet herbs and you really have a party.

Just about any aged cheese works well in this recipe. The only thing you need to be careful about is how salty is it and adjust the amount of salt you add to the dough.

Try to handle the dough quickly when you shape it with a minimum of extra flour. Don’t let your hands…linger. The dough is going to be stick and wet. You want quick touches.

Remember if you are going to use the parchment sling method to get it into the hot Dutch oven then the bottom of the dough in the proofing basket will be the top of the finished loaf.



This is a great variation on the standard no knead recipe and everything you want in a rustic homemade loaf. It’s quick and easy with very little hands on work. It’s thick and crusty on the outside but soft and supple on the inside. The pockets of cheese melt into the bread and combined with the herbs make for a great tasting slice even without adding anything else.

I like to enjoy it for breakfast or lunch with avocado or hummus but really you almost can go wrong eating it naked or with whatever spread you like sweet or savory!