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Scenes from Saturday + Bored & The Beatles

It’s winter break this week. We are not a skiing family. We tend to stockpile our vacation days for the summer which means no February trips which means that by Saturday morning Ally was already saying she had nothing to do and was bored.

Good! I think boredom is important and quickly becoming a scarce resource. It’s really hard to be bored these days. The internet and social media are always available to soak up attention.

I love being bored because it allows you to indulge in curiosity and that in turn often leads to creativity.

Cecilia is taking an entrepreneurship class this semester and I pitched her an idea of doing her project on boredom spaces. They have rage rooms. Why not a apathy cafes. You could make boredom a luxury item like a spa. Come here and be bored. Discover something about yourself!

I was only half joking.

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Scenes from Saturday + Outside & Otto

In the winter months, many of our friends disappear on the weekends to ski. We are not a skiing a family. Neither Michelle nor I ever really learned. In truth, we aren’t really winter people, either. Which has worked out alright the past few years because we haven’t had too much snow. That might change this week with another nor’easter threatening.

Which brings me to the snails.

The one aspect I do like about winter snowstorms is the way it forces you to slow down. To live life in the slow lane, or at least the slower lane. Like a snail.

Which brings me to the medieval fighting snails.

The internet can still delight. My favorite part, other than historians having no idea why they appeared in manuscripts, is that they were primarily there to make people laugh.

“The basic idea is the overturning of existing or expected hierarchies. It is supposed to be surprising and even funny – I think we get that implicitly today,” she says.

Medieval snail memes!

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Scenes from Saturday + Vinyl & Vamping

This past Thursday, February first was the midpoint between the winter solstice and and the spring equinox. We are on the back half, people. Spring is coming, early or late, it won’t be canceled.

If you’re struggling with a creative project or a resolution, remember, most days are Groundhog Days. Social media might amplify the 2%, but 98% of success is just consistency, consistently doing the boring things that no one sees.

Believe in the possibility of February, you even get an extra day this year.

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Scene from Saturday + Trials & Trombones

Both kids have gone through some ups and downs in the past few weeks. One of the toughest thing as a parent, especially as they get older, is to watch them fail. It’s often heartrending but it’s the whole point, I think. They do it themselves or it’s not much good.

There were times I really wanted to jump in help. But was that my job? It’s not good for them or for anyone else. I certainly want to help but not make them helpless in the process. Where does a parent draw the line? How do you know where to help, when to jump in, what to handle for them, what to tell them doesn’t really matter?

I can’t do it all. Nor should I. I can provide opportunities, support, and encouragement. The rest they’ll have to do themselves.

I’ll try to do my job and let them do theirs. As painful as that might be sometimes.

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Scenes from Saturday + Rain & Ducks

We are past Quitter’s Day and admittedly a few of my optimistic New Year’s promises to myself are hanging on by a thread.

What I say when I’m fighting against resistance to build that new habit or maintain a resolution: “There’s just not enough time to fit this into my routine.”

What I actually mean: “I’m not really interested in doing this.”

When I’m taking care of myself (sleeping, moving, eating right) and working on something I am genuinely excited about, finding time is never really an issue.

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Scenes from Saturday + Clean & Cozy

One week of January is gone. How are those resolutions going?

I occasionally find myself overwhelmed by the thought of writing another book or staying in shape for an entire year. It takes time to do anything worthwhile, but it helps to remember it doesn’t all get done in one chunk. Forget about the months ahead, forget about the weeks.

Focus on the day.

The calendar is a completely made up human construct. Thanks a lot Julius Caesar. (You can bet we had a flash card on that one.)

But no one can mess with the rhythm of night and day. The sun comes up, the sun goes down.

You do your work, you fight the battle on that day. Forget about the eternity of yesterday or tomorrow.

Making a change is the slow accumulation of a day’s worth of effort over time. One day at a time.

Most days I can handle that.

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