Cape Cod Whale Watch

One of the unexpected highlights of our week long Cape vacation was definitely the whale watch from Provincetown. We’d done a few (pre-kids) East Coast whale watches from Gloucester and Mystic with mixed to meh results, so my expectations were not high, but it would be a good adventure for the kids and kill three hours, either way. Never underestimate the power of a time-killing event is a key parenting lesson.

Well, I was happily proven totally wrong. Maybe we just had a good day or maybe the tip of the Cape is the best place to find these animals, but it was an incredible three hours.

We saw 25 different whales, 3 different species, mothers, calfs and all sorts of behavior from rolling, to fluking, to breaching. I don’t think the pictures really capture the true size and majesty (hard to find a better word) of these creatures, but it was definitely something none of us will forget.

We were told breaching at this time of the year is a more rare, but we came upon one young whale that was just determined to put on a show or just really had an itch he couldn’t scratch on his back. He was just a breaching machine. It was an incredible sight.



We used the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch and went on the first boat out at 9:30. Tickets were on the pricey side ( $47 for adults, $31 for kids, but Ally was still free being 4, so that ameliorated the cost a bit). It was a large boat, so unless you are very motion sensitive, I don’t think you’d have to worry about sea sickness too much. We sat on the bottom and other than a few moments when the engines were completely cut, none of us ever felt a twinge of sickness. We were never actually out of sight from land either which I think also helped.

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There were bathrooms and a snackbar onboard. There were ample seats both top and bottom on both sides of the boat and the captain did a decent job of rotating the boat at each spot. There was also some background and educational information session by a crew member on the way out and during the whale watch itself. This was actually very helpful in prepping us for what we’d see.

Overall, it was worth the effort getting up early and driving out to Provincetown for this adventure. Highly recommended.

If you arrive early, you might want to also check out The Donut Experiment around the corner from the ticket booth to have some made-to-order donuts as you wait to board the boat.

After you return, there is plenty to do, see and shop just walking Commercial Street through P-town or driving to a nearby beach.