BA’s Apple Cider Donut Loaf Cake

You pretty much had me at apple but add cider and donut? There was never any doubt I was going to make this recipe. Looking at the tantalizing accompanying photo, I could practically taste the dying leaves, flannel, and wood smoke. I’d likely make a few changes if I make it again but it more than lived up to the hype. Despite the sugar topping, it was not overly sweet and can be eaten throughout the day. As if I needed the excuse!

One thing to know going in, this recipe is not your typical loaf pan quick bread. While not complicated, and it doesn’t use that many ingredients there are multiple parts and it comes close to rivaling a Cook’s Illustrated recipe for number of steps.

There are two different wet ingredients that need to be alternately combined with the dry ingredients.

And don’t forget to reserved some of those dry ingredients for the topping.

After 70 minutes in the oven, it did come out looking and smelling great. With the parchment, there was no risk of it sticking to the pan.

One thing I didn’t expect was the subtlety of the apple and cider flavor. If I make it again, I might use a different cider. I used Honeycrisp and concentrated it per the recipe but I wonder if that flavor profile is just too light.

I might also substitute in a little whole wheat flour for a nutty loaf taste. It was very moist, so I don’t think swapping out the butter for oil is necessary but maybe trying buttermilk rather than sour cream would add a different note of acidity.

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Overall, the family loved the cake and have been gobbling it up with coffee at breakfast or warmed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. A great fall recipe that I’m confident will become a seasonal staple right along with the apple crisp.

Bon Appetit’s Apple Cider Donut Loaf Cake Recipe



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