Apple Walnut Date Quick Bread

Fall Apple Walnut Quick Bread
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Did you go a little overboard at the orchard? Is your fridge full of fall apples? This apple walnut date quick bread is simple and easy to make.

It comes together in about 15 minutes and will make your house smell like a late October afternoon hay ride. It might not even last as long as a typical hay ride. It’s that good.

Shredding the apples is a big time saver. To be honest, you don’t even really need to peel the apples either. Wash, shred, and let them soak with the sugar. The sweet shreds will be nicely distributed throughout the cooked bread. You no longer need to worry about all the chunks sinking to the bottom.

You can easily omit the walnuts and dates. Or add raisins and pecans. The apples sweetness is a good palette for experimenting with what’s left in the cupboard. I wouldn’t recommend olives however.

Make 2, freeze 1 to reheat in the depths of February.





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